Friday, June 28, 2013

Stress that takes us to the next level...


Pressure or tension exerted on a material object: "the distribution of stress is uniform across the bar".

The dictionary defines stress as the pressure inserted on an object. Here the "human being" is the object under consideration, so we can re-define stress as the "tension exerted on the human mind"

Is stress bad? No, absolutely not. Stress is what compelled human being to set goals, chase dreams and achieve success. Stress is what helped the evolution of the present day man, had there been no stress, there would be no invention.

How is stress caused? Its the mindset that we would fail on something, its the mindset that we wont achieve a target on a particular mind, its the mindset that we would run out of business in 90 days.

If we let the footballers play the entire day they would score less number of goals they would have if we restricted them for 90 minutes. Reason? Its because every player is stressed to score within 90 minutes or else they perish.

So, it all starts with a dream. Dream is a statement that we will achieve something. When we fix boundary dates for the dream, it becomes a goal. Now stress is something that pushes us to work to achieve the goal. The more the stress, the better we get finding easier methods to achieve the goal. The more the stress, better we become at innovation.

If you are a highly stressed person, its a good sign. Its an indication that you are pressed hard to find a solution in a short time. There are only 2 outcomes to this situation. Option A - you perish and Option B - you come out successful. We dont want you to perish, we want you to solve the problem, to come out as a better person.

Now this requires more study, we need to sit with ourselves to find what desire burns us, what puts us into trouble. The toughest part is to analyse the root cause of the problem, once you have done that - solution becomes much easier.

If i tell stress pushes up the rung of the ladder, its not wrong. If you have solved a problem, you gain more confidence, your appetite grows for a bigger problem and you grow. So what pushes you is what worries you, solve it and get ahead.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The fire in us is dying...

Ever felt the fire in us is not staying as long as it is expected? Ever felt we quit digging 3 feet from gold? Ever felt the grass is green on the other side of valley?

My life is full with these questions. My mind is like a pendulum that swings from one desire to another, and by making sure, I just don’t stand to achieve them. This is just the feeling that can happen to any one of you? We are all creatures that live in the past and live on memories.. We just feel our past was better than present, and we worry our future will not be as bright as our past.

You seen the new add of Maruti Ritz car? just the same is true with our lives, we got choices - but we end up selecting a compromise. The patterns of thoughts that go through us are also the same, just as i was thinking - to stay in job or to build the business? to buy some land or get a new car ? To travel abroad or stay with family? go out selling or watch TV ?

The truth is, even if we know what’s best for us, we refrain from doing it, because of the fear we have. I can tell you, I have been the laziest boy for the last 4 months or so, going to office and coming back home, doing nothing that my mind speaks off, I had the time for all the things in the world, I just did not want to blog as well. For a moment I thought whether the fire in me is dying???

I am quite sure, people who have made places are the ones who have controlled this emotion very well and knew how to dust the butt and move on.. I now realize how foolish was I to waste my time doing useless things and bore my brains...

Its when your goals are bringing fruit to you alone that you tend to become lazy. The smarter way to get rid of this is to ensure the end product of your goals is service to other people - so you can’t stop working. I am of the impression that you don’t remain stagnant anywhere, either you advance or you recede. So if you are doing nothing for the position you are holding now, it means you are gradually wiping yourselves out.

The only way to keep the fire in you flaming is to add more oil into it. We need to reach out to the next opportunity that comes our way. Take up all the tasks we got, work as hard as ever, because we never know - a small little work can give us a huge opening that can change the way people see things.

Sometimes I feel, the greatest oil that I had to move forward was the ridicule and put down I used to get from my friends. Guess what, it was too in a magic circle, that when I stopped doing things, my friends stopped teasing me and it led to kill my fire. Now that I need to ignite my fire, because I am pretty sure, my fire is going to warm many a lives....

Friday, March 05, 2010

Most things in life falls in a cycle.. either you keep gaining or you keep losing..

Not just wealth, but almost all things in life falls in a cycle. God has made things in a special way so that if we try to create an imbalance on any attribute, it reflects in some other attribute. Considering this aspect, we can form a perspective which is good or bad.
           Now how can we define a cycle :- it is something that is connected by a chain, but something that keeps spiraling. Life's cycle is not a closed entity - its a spiral i.e. if you start gaining then you have a better chance to keep gaining. Similarly the vice verse.
           Lets take the case of hunger and weight gain. What we naturally see is that people who are obese keep gaining in weight and people who are lean keep loosing weight. How can this theory be explained? Any idea? Simple when you are hungry -> you eat food -> stomach digests the food -> Energy is released to the body.
When hungry and you overeat, then the stomach buys in resources to digest the extra food resulting in a bigger stomach and extended intestine. Now what happens is that when the stomach gets bigger it tempts the person to consume more food, and as he consumes the stomach keeps expanding. This is why people who are in the cycle of gaining weight keep gaining. Similarly you can think of what must be going around with lean people.
    Not just food and stomach, almost all things in life goes to the person who has already achieved them. Be it money, recognition, fame, promotion in job and even the negatives like accident, loss, theft, bad times etc.
When you know the working of this cycle and the mantra to change the spiral you can succeed no matter what odds are against you.
Darkness cannot be broken by removing darkness, Sadness cannot be relieved by being less sad and Poverty cannot be alleviated being less broke. To break the cycle you need to apply yourselves with energy that can help you change states.
     Rich gets richer and poor gets poorer. If the poor person has to become less poor - then he definitely need to get rich. Its well said but tough done. From there on, its a spiral - it may be half the effort than to change states.
 Ever felt like you are not a super achiever, then this is the right time to act. This is the time of your life to make things happen - get into the upward spiral and cruise along. Then all the positives will keep flowing to you in the form of money, recognition or the coveted promotion.
Now you have all the reason not the feel bad when you are depressed, because you know what to do! and how to go about doing it!
Always remember - The thing that breaks darkness is Light. Let the light shine in your life.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dont take things for granted and dont work like a dog to secure your descendant’s future...

I may have to brush through my learning through the theory of technological evolution to make a bold and weird statement here. Remember me saying, everything and anything you do today is evolution? Which even means, even if you sit simply – you are evolving yourselves and your bundle of future generations.
      These are findings that cant digest all brains, bold because we never had the courage to think that way and weird because they are the realities we are going to live with...
      Life can be thought of like a giant wheel, the one with fortune in a basket and trouble in all other. We all pray to that day to sit on the fortune basket; some people do but 99% of others left with no other choice.
You needn’t take things for granted, if you are poor today, that doesn’t mean you can be rich tomorrow. If you are healthy today, that doesn’t mean you cant die of illness.
      The wheel of life keeps spinning around and someday you need to jump out from the current basket – why does that happen, let me explain.

Scenario 1: You are a person with adequate health, you live in highly polluting and contaminated surroundings and you hope to improve your health by consuming some health tablets and pills – what happens (1) your health definitely improves, you become a step ahead of your peers and (2) your body evolves into the new profile – the one which needn’t adapt to the polluting surroundings.
     What we see here is that, when you push things to happen – the ones which had to happen automatically does not happen. When we consume things that make us healthy, we stop the process of the body to generate and tolerate the polluting atmosphere. The result being a weaker race. Our heir becomes less competent to our peers to adapt to the then atmosphere.

Scenario 2: Saving tigers. Recently saw an advt that says there are only 1411 tigers in India and we need to act soon. If tigers are facing extinction, then god has designed it to be that way – we all know that the entire weight of earth remains the same, when more humans are being born, naturally more species have to be wiped out. If we try to do something to stop the nature’s will, then we are inviting more trouble.
    Lets think of this as, if tigers have to be saved, then we need more forests which means more land. If man were to plant all the trees to make the forest, leave alone the success – it leaves a greater carbon footprint. Finally doing more harm than benefit.

Scenario 3: Conserving fuel – We all read campaigns to save fuel, save energy. Use cycle instead of cars and reduce petrol consumption. This is absolute rubbish. Its better to invent newer sources of energy fearing the wipeout of fuel than conserving it. If man had no fear to the decreasing supply of petrol, he would not have invested his energy to research on newer and greener fuels. A day will come when we will use water to run automobiles, when we have no more drop of petrol left.
    What we see around is man becoming proactive to make or design his future generation. The only thing that man may fail to invent is his son. The reason being, if we keep saving things for tomorrow, we miss out on the opportunity of our heir to invent something better.
If we keep taking precautionary methods to keep us from falling ill, we seldom give our immunity system to rebuild itself – resulting in a fragile inheritor. Those days are not far, when the son of the beggar will stay healthier than yours, because he is the one who is in the rain and sun and the body copes up to rebuild his gene.
    This is reason why the theory of technological evolution is so important. If you sit simply, you group and regroup your body and mind which then is taken over by your son.
   Its so very exciting to build a smarter and better race, only then it will become a positive evolution. Otherwise I fear, we will be the ones that are going to face extinction soon..

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Its Introspection time...All you want is all you have asked for..

How many of you really believe in the law of attraction. The law that brings prosperity, wealth or love. Yes, its quite true that you can bring what you think all day long. If you think prosperity – you attract prosperity, if you think debt – you attract debt. Now if its that simple, then why don’t everyone practice this simple law and turn their life 180 degree?
    The law holds good, just like a magnet, your mind attracts whatever it dreams off – but there is a condition. This is the most exciting news you are going to listen, something that can lift your spirit, something that you were searching for the last many years.
   We all know our mind can be broadly divided into conscious mind, sub conscious mind and unconscious mind. Now the power of subconscious mind is 1000 times more powerful than conscious mind, same is the case with unconscious mind with subconscious. But there is a problem, there is only one language the subconscious or lower unconscious mind accepts – the language of binary. Unlike conscious mind which can carry out complex arithmetic and language translations – lower minds can only read 1 or 0.
   Now what is the binary coding for the lower minds – very simple, it can only read two decision statements – either YES or NO. Eg: “I can drive a car” – 1, “I cannot sing” – 0, “I can take my family to dinner” – 1, “I can...” -1, “I cannot...” – 0. Now when you write down these codes into a sheet of paper, it will show something like this  10110. This has been carrying on for all the decisions you take. Now this unique code is what determines you, its that sum that makes you or breaks you.
   Suppose my arithmetic for the last 20 years looks like this  001010011011010101... and yours look like 1111001000111111..., the only difference might be one “1” or “0”, but that coding could make you super rich and me broke.
   The reality is that there is some unseen handshake made my all 3 minds, when that happens regularly, we become super achievers. I could explain the correlation of conscious and subconscious mind as simple as possible. The ability to set goals and to tenaciously dream is the character of conscious mind, but the person who makes that into reality is the subconscious mind. Now when your dreams are in the same direction that is when the law of attraction works wonders for you.
   I shall narrate it as a story than abstract words, suppose Mr.Ramesh, our hero is meeting up the richest man on the earth, he gets inspired and sets goal for becoming one like his role model. What the subconscious mind does is actually help him, makes sure all his resource are working with him to turn him into the worlds most richest man. Also the mind adds a “1” to the log.
    Next day, he sees a saint – doing some yoga on a deserted beach, he thinks in his mind – “Oh wow, what a life, he must be enjoying a freeman’s life, no tags attached..” Immediately the subconscious mind pulls all resources to help him become a saint. All what the subconscious mind knows is the help the conscious mind. Thus appends a “1” to the log, now since his previous two dreams are clashing the mind adds a “0” also to the log – ie “110” in total.
    Few days later, our Ramesh sees a gorgeous girl in town, then his mind wavers and then decides that he want to marry that girl. Poor subconscious mind, puts together all resources to help him achieve his dream, appends a “1” and “0” to the log.
   Now the code becomes “11010” – what has happened in the process is that Ramesh was giving commands to his lower mind that were contradicting his previous dream statements. This results in total confusion and slippage of personal success. Only a person with (“1111111”) consecutive ones for a short period can become successful. When you make a vision statement, the mind starts work for the same. Your next command should always be to assist the work, only then mental faculties become alive and take you the rightful destination.
   The major reason that law of attraction does not work is not because the law is incorrect, its because you don’t know how to use it. We are all situated at the footsteps of equal opportunity, your success till today is history – tomorrow is the same for you and me, if I start keeping stepping stones, there is no reason that I should live in darkness...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

and the research goes on...

What is success? How can we Measure it? Can we say we become happy if we are successful? Is success a milestone, or is it a roadmap?
    There are many questions like these that still remain unanswered. My quest for success and the reasons why people become successful still remains unanswered.
    There should be some fine line that separates the successful from the non-successful, but what can it be? If 100 people try hard the same way, believe things the same way and even do things the same way, only 5 will be successful. How can god behave so miserly here?
   Researches say being successful is more of mind play than physical doing. Now what can that mindset be?
    If everyone knew how to be successful, there would be drought and famine here – somehow that’s not logical, god doesn’t want it that way. Out of every 100 people only 5 needs to be successful, 50 people should work for this 5 people and 45 people should be broke – that is how god wants to be.
    If there were no poor people, rich people would have no value. But the thing that separates the poor from the rich is not money, but its mindset. Somehow common-men believe its money that separates poor from rich. They say, “having money is success”, but the reality is “money is the by-product of being successful”.
    Now its this mindset that makes rich richer and poor poorer. You can never be rich without a rich mindset. And however money you have, you will loose it if you have poor mindset. This is why success is slow and gradual. Imagine if success came overnight, we could never held on to it.
   This is why people are paid so heavily with debt and hard work and liabilities before One-Million. This is for them to value their efforts. What happens if you get a lottery for 1Mn, sure you will loose it in another 3 months. This is why there is no reported incidents of lottery winners topping millionaire charts.
   Be happy with what you have now; if you are paid 10,000 or 30,000 that is well deserving for you. Now if you are broke at the end of every month, we now know why. When you expand your mindset for more money you get more. This is no joke.
   The reason why people with huge liabilities say 10L or 1Cr are shown more opportunities is because they keep chanting of 10L or 1Cr all the time. They physically know how much is 10L to them, whether they utilize the opportunity or not is a different story. But for us, we all know 10L as 1 followed by 6 zeros.
   Our research for success continues, none of us are quite sure why some people get ahead or some people become rich. Why someone whom we know is half as educated as us making millions and we are struggling. Why someone we don’t admire is rich and famous and some one we want to be like that is still broke.
   It’s a question that has been troubling me for 3 years. If I could get the answer to it, I am more than willing to share it with you, so that you surge ahead in your area of work.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The first thing you need to have is a good "BACKBONE"

In this fast changing world, fast changing ideology - mere survival is no more audacious, but excelling is. The most important thing we need to have is a strong backbone, one that will help us take wise decisions.
   We cannot believe the rate at which things around us keep changing. The rate of changes has increased so steadfastly, that things we read in science fictions are becoming reality now.
   For a glimpse of the changes taking place, lets see the no of car manufactures in our market, 10 years back we knew every model, 20 years back we kept count of the people around who actually owned cars. It is the case with every buy-able thing.
   Things are changing so alarmingly that we cannot keep track of the information. The one thing that is going to really matter in the scenario is a good decision.
    The great thing about a decision is that, it is going to mould your future; the bad thing is that you need to have a strong backbone to take one.
   Many time, people prolong their decision because of their lack of confidence, scepticism or dilemma. But the reality is that what keep them cynic is because they don’t have a good backbone.
   Now how much can you price a good decision, I will say - its weight in gold. Because there are two things that are happening when you take a quick decision

  1. You have the early bird to carve out the fortune and the good benefits.
  2. If you end up loosing, you can quickly realize and do the needful.

Most often people keep beating around the bush waiting for some external force to make their decision. They end up leading compromising lives.
  Lets all accept, all decisions are one in which money is involved - you either make or loose. But the stronger your decision, the weaker the hammering.
    I have a friend of mine whom i know is the worst guy to make a decision. When we go out to shop, he says he will take 3-5 shirts, takes 1 hour in selecting it, takes it all over the counter and still waits for the cashier to ask whether he needs it. And after all the process ends up not buying.
   Few months back, we had some idea to change apartments. This friend was interested to join us. Since money matter was involved, we rechecked his decision to move with us. After all the procedures to shift to the new location, this guy said he is not interested.
   And two months back, he said he is ready to join me in my distribution business. After the legal procedures and like, I asked him to submit his ID proof within 10 days to keep his account alive. 60 days have passed; poor this guy has not even found 10 minutes to fax his id.
   Being careless and being without backbone are two different things. The value of all your decisions are going to cost like gold now because technology is evolving fast, money transactions are happening 1000 times faster than a decade and people are getting richer at the rate never before.
   Just like taking the decision requires backbone, living it also does. There are some basics rich do that the poor and mediocre fear to do – one of them is to have the backbone to make things happen.
  Now go sign that cheque, sell that villa, trade that share or start a new venture, but live it up to your decision – your life will never be the same again !!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

And people say I am greedy…

We need to invent a new word that stands between desire and greed. Desire is the longing to get what you want, greed is the longing to get things beyond your reach.

If you keep a daytime job, have a small car, rent a house and survive – all people around you adore you, they wish to spend time with you. Because they know you are middle class, they know you have the same set of problems they have. So they have a company to keep complaining of their problems.

The moment you own a toyota or chevy, shows it off to one of your old poor friend, take them for a ride and tell them “I dream to own a BMW or merc” – they say you are greedy.

People have all the excuses for not doing something, if all are struggling and no one is succeeding, all are happy – remember the story of the crabs in a jar with the lid open.  The moment someone escapes the rat race and becomes financially independent – people start backstabbing him, they say 1000 stories why is doesn’t deserve to be a millionaire.

It’s a shame when people don’t have the courage to chase their dreams. They are afraid to think of it, leave alone taking the first step. The most precious thing that can wash away most problems is money. This is the pointblank reality.

Somehow or the other we have accepted that making money is greedy. The people who usually say making money is greedy are the poor ones, you ask any rich guy, he doesn’t feel so about the people richer than him. Since ordinary folks don’t have money, and don’t have an explanation to their children why they cannot afford this or that – they say making money is bad.

This twist of thought that exists in the rich and poor people is what makes them richer or poorer. The poor people teach their young ones not to work for money, but work for “someone”. The rich ones teach, “Get this work done with the least money possible, and hire a poor person”. This is why people in JOB never become millionaires.

I say, you need to be greedy – if you are earning 1000 rupees today, try to make it 1100 tomorrow. If you settle for no hikes, your life is going to be that of compromising. I say try to make the money in legal and ethical manner – not to pickpocket. Making money will never spoil you, but the manner in which you spent will.

What happens if all the people in the country are not as greedy? There would be no job, no new product or service and there would be poverty and famine.

Want proof? My employer who is a billionaire owns a $5.4 bn enterprise, he multiplied that to $6 bn this fiscal – by employing 25000 new people, by providing service to 250+ clients and catering to 500+ indirect stakeholders. My Mr. Employer is already a super rich person, he need not mind 600 million dollars additional business, after all his share would not have incremented by a huge percent. But he did that so that the company grows, people grows and the whole nation flourishes.

They only reason why common people is getting jobs, keeping their family out there alive is because someone is greedy. If you are not greedy – better keep the job, but don’t come with excuses tomorrow.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The people that matter are the ones most ridiculed at..

You might have seen the board "Driving School" on cars. What is a driving school? Its a place where we go to learn driving. They might have helped us get a drivers license - but the real learning must have come when we took the automobile out on road alone, heard all the shouting and honking of other vehicles and we really sweated it out.

When we hear such rejections and shouting, we make a choice - either to stop driving or to learn the trade. This is why many licensed people out there sit at home.

We are fortunate to have an academic qualification. The moment we think of our degree, we say "Thanks to the lovely friend of mine, to help me by showing the answers..." We might have taken the degree, but are we really educated?

This habit of getting things done through shortcut slowly spreads into the business world, for people who step into the shoes of an Entrepreneur - expects results to come overnight. The first question they ask is there a shortcut to become rich?

Just like many licensed people sit at home, many entrepreneurs also give up and sit at home. But the people that matter are the ones who were out there to hear all the NO's, refusals, rejections and all that takes to become successful.

The most horrifying part for any human being is to hear refusals, that’s because refusals are something that creates inferiority complexes. People who wish to make a difference should come out of that nutshell and exploit themselves to get the things done.

Things are changing today at the speed of light; people are running around crazy to make more and more money to buy lifestyle. But the fact is 95% of all these people are looking for a shortcut to make money. They keep their eyes are ears open to take up anything that creates them money without putting in effort.

Just like the licensed people sitting at home, one of these days this 95% population is going to sit at home. The people, who run the show, are the ones who are thoroughly prepared.

Now what is that will make you run the show: -

1. Know where to put the effort. There is no point in working hard at JOB – there is a limit to which your income will rise (ask your director/manager their salary package).
2. Keep your eyes and ears open - opportunity is knocking you everyday.
3. Learn your strengths and weaknesses – you need to better yourselves before you better your work.
4. By far – the highest income-earning people in world today are business class people, try to have a mentor from this quad.
5. Once you are focussed – be all out and do all that takes to become successful. There is nothing called as second best – you need to become the top performer.

The people who sit at home after failing from businesses, what you suppose they do “they start a new business venture and fail in that too”, they keep doing this again and again till they learn the trick – ALL OUT AND HARD WORK –COME WHAT MAY!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

You can only give what you have….

If I give you 3 apples, its only because I had 3 or more apples with me. Now I will not be able to give you 3 apples if I have none. The same is true with all things in this world – you can only give something to someone – if you have plenty of it.

Now its interesting to spend some time with a good friend, we cannot forget how they make us feel happy. The happiness you receive was a part of the happiness that was actually given to you by your friend. If your friend was not happy – you neither would have been one and never would you have spent time with him.

Nothing can be created, everything can be changed to one form or other – cannot we apply this law here, sure we can. The law of heat transfer also states – heat flows from a hotter body to a colder one. Just like happiness flows from a person who is happier to the one who is less happy.

Lets think about the realism this concept has – if someone gives you an advice or mentors you, it might be because he has went through the pros and cons and is helping you out. And usually we mistake him to be giving us a one sided opinion.

What if your boss is frustrating you? Is it because you are incapable or is it because the boss got frustrated? May be because your incapability/inefficiency fueled a chemical reaction in your boss’s mind to become frustrated. Now the change of state is for the boss – as long as you don’t become receptive to it - you cannot be frustrated.

Now we just discovered an interesting filter to sort out almost all negative emotions and feelings that we face day-day. We can actually put a halt to other people’s anger, frustration, fury, and jealousy by just not being receptive. As long as we are not receptive they cannot give it to us. Listen to all harsh words showered on you like a kid looking at a flower.

Similarly, you can only give what you have, you cannot give love if your mind is full of jealousy, you cannot give motivation if you are not self driven and obviously you cannot give advices without being “feel, felt, found”.

The best thing that you can give today is Information – its not time, money or any other aspects. The more you share information, the more you will grow, because your learning is going to come that way. When the number of transactions of information increases – that decides the state of money. This is why a rumor about a bank can crash it to rags, and good information can pump up millions for a company.

The more informed you are, the more the money will flow through you – the more you become rich. Get plugged to the information revolution and build out a fortune for you!

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Every SIngle effort brings in multiple rewards...

In all our prior discussions, we have consistently been trying to correlate the human mind and it’s behavior to the objects/particles, guided by the Laws of Science, and it’s various phenomena. Our effort to apply Newton’s & Darwin’s laws to the human mind has gained some momentum. We now have made enough observations, to believe that most Laws of Science, be it physics; chemistry or biology, were framed by studying the human mind and its behavioral patterns.
The human mind in itself is the biggest discovery on the planet. A glance through history, will tell us that never has been so much effort put in to learn about the human mind until the last 50 years.  
Humans started discovering all outer things, even before knowing the true inner things. Unbelievable but true. Someone once said, that we are not even using 90% of our brain capacity in our whole lifetime.  
Just imagine, if we could create wonders with the 10% usage, what could be the result with 50% or 65% or 80% usage of our central powerhouse.  
The real outer world is a reflection of our inner world, what we see outside is merely what we want to see when we look into ourselves. Literally all discoveries can be attributed to this fact. If people invented stuffs we use daily, it was because they looked into themselves and found it in their mind and later brought it out to the real world.  
Slowly but gradually scientists, met physicists, empathyists, and psychologists, who then went on to learn about human behaviors and their guiding patterns.  
Just for an example, the third law of Newtonian motion states “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. Let’s see what its humane epitome is – “Every single effort we take has multiple results of magnitude way greater than the effort”  
Actually the Newtonian law is a subset of the mental law, it surely does look similar – but it’s not same. The laws of the mind actually is universal, all other laws are a subset of these. Lets analyze, “Every effort we take brings with it a fruit we see, it also brings in stuffs we thought was never there”.  
If we sow a seed of mango, expecting it to become a mango tree to give more mangoes – that’s the first result. Now there are things that came along that we never expected, say the tree gave us shade, the twigs lighted the stove, the branches made us furniture etc.. Same is the case with human effort.  
We almost get disappointed when we are not getting the result we should have when we have put in the desired amount of effort. This law will guide you. All the pain you take today will surely bring in more fruits than you expect.  
Think like, there is some magic, when you put 1 time effort you get 10 results of 10 times magnitude after 10 times of passage of time. Now will that stop you or help you put the required effort for your personal well being.  
Sometimes 10 rupees tomorrow may be highly valuable than 5 rupees today. That’s why people are ready to starve today to get their favorite meal tomorrow.  
That’s why the saying goes “When you contribute to prosperity, you prosper in turn”. That’s why people who keep service in their minds and put in effort today– become wealthy, healthy, maintain good relations, and grow personally and as a leader with time….

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The paradox of the “May I Help You” query..

The person whom we hear most often saying “May I help you, sir” is the receptionist. Their job mainly circles around finding the best solutions for their customers. Their duty lies in locating the right kind of resources, fulfilling the requirements of their esteemed customers.
Someone said, “We are now living in a customer focused world – we need to be treating the customer like the king”. That’s right. The customer is the most important person; if they are not there – we don’t survive.
It was when I was having a discussion with an entrepreneur that it occurred to me that, there also exists a paradox to the “May I help you” query. This is something that we never thought off, and its trueness is still uncertain.
For the people who believe in ego and inferiority complexes, when someone says “May I Help you”, he is actually offering to help you on areas that you are not aware of. He is willing to put his time and efforts to ensure you are being served. He has access to information and resources that you don’t, hence, he is more supreme than you.
The person, who offers to help you, can be naturally considered as being superior to you. Just think about this, all the people who offered to help you were better than you at doing that particular stuff.
Even when you offer to help someone, you will be doing it in areas in which you are proficient. Say you are good at repairing fuses – now if your neighbor comes and asks you for help in changing fuse, will you not offer it? Think about it, since you were good at something, the other one wasn’t, your help was necessary. Now if you didn’t know how to repair fuses, you would surely look for someone in your neighborhood who knows how to do it.
Now think about all the occasions when people came forward to help you; all those people could help you, because they were better than you in that particular area.
This is the great paradox we need to walk with now. Our egos and complexes are now facing a big problem, whether to ask for help or to do things ourselves. The best way to keep your ego contented will be to use your skills to help people.
Pretty confused right, me too. But there is some flaw in this speculation; this cannot explain why people with less technical knowledge go places. This thought cannot explain why school dropouts, non-qualified people reign the business world.
May be I can think of an rationalization this way, the best thing you can do to become extraordinarily successful is to find people who keep saying “May I help you” and put them to work at things they are good at. This secret explains why entrepreneurs scale great heights and the common man is stuck in 9-9 jobs.
What we need to change is our thought paradigm, lets analyze these conditions.
Case 1: If you keep assigning tasks to people who are good at that, you can employ them as well as you can satisfy their ego
Case 2: If you allocate the right kind of resources to your people, they will always respect you – because they are doing stuffs that they are good at.
Case 3: They wont mind the salary, if they are given the work they love – think about all the people who keep complaining of salary and increments, they are people who do not love what they do.
Case 4: The person who is doing all these satisfies their ego as well - “they are ready to find people to do specific tasks for them”
There are many things in life that we cant explain, there are also some basic stuffs that need no explanation..

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just Shut Up and Listen... (JSUpL)

If you are confident, get up and speak, if you don’t know the answer Just Shut Up and Listen (JSUpL). These words are not unfamiliar, but are truly unpracticed. Its almost natural for us to react to situations around but most often we forget to whether we are the right person to advice people.
Whatever is your age, experience, qualification – you need to develop the habit of listening to topics that you are not aware of. You need to respect the person who is helping you learn new practices and principles. Most often our ego gets in the way and protects us to learn things from people who are not qualified, inexperienced, under aged but with knowledge.
This is so true, and just like it applies to me, it applies to you as well. Let think of this situation, you are 8+ years experienced in your organization, now a fresher comes in and talks about things that are knowledgeable and intellectually correct – but your ego gets in the way, and your years of experience logically defends the fresher to share his knowledge.
This happens to even people who are educationally qualified as well, they will not promptly JSUpL to a person who is a school dropout, similarly a 40 year old will not JSUpL to a 20 year old.
This is the golden rule for learning. If there is something you are sure about, don’t stop – go ahead and spread your knowledge, be bold enough to prove your things are correct. If there is something you are unsure, learn that from a person who is more knowledgeable than you are. Show some respect to the person in front of you with knowledge.
Most of us assume things to be this way and that way, without having a clear understanding. The three letter word EGO will make us more inferior than we are right now, if we dont eliminate it. Our Ego will make us traitors and often make us loose the good that were to come our way.
SECRET : The main reason to why middle class people remain mediocre is because, they stop learning. Unfortunately learning comes from everything, they might come from a unqualified, inexperienced or under aged person. So we need to be brave enough to JSUpL and learn from it.
Whatever you are, never stop learning – I don’t mean degrees, but practical stuff’s that help you make money. There are only 2 situations out there – one which help you make money and second one that will help you learn something to make money tomorrow.
If you compromise on learning, its like compromising on money. Its not the 500 rupees increment I refer to in JOB. Its about the millions you are going to earn out there in businesses.
The Tata’s, Relaince’s and ABG’s have no problems in listening to an expert, but we have – that may be why they keep getting rich and we get stuck up in Rat Race. JSUpL will do wonders for you, learn to work out this paradigm…

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Theory of Technological evolution – REVISITED.

The advance of technology by the human race was more or less visited in the last week’s discussion. Lets remain focused with this phenomenon that is creating tremors around for many a business owners as well as corporate people. Now lets closely analyze the latent power this episode has got.

We had discussed earlier that the current generation has got all the probabilities to rein supreme than the preceding one. Its also true that the current generation should, in all ways try to accomplish far more than the preceding ones did. It means we need to really fire on all cylinders and work harder than them.

Most of us are working on the principle “scarcity creates demand”. If we look back into history and see the evolution of the super power called Japan, we see that they were thoroughly struck with scarcity, they didn’t have food to eat, money to live, clothes to wear or anything to survive after the 2nd world war. They actually had a choice to perish or to struggle harder. They did struggle, and right now they are the highest per capita income country.

Demand is what made Japan a super power, Demand determines the extent of prosperity and the ability to evolve.

There is another law which is guiding evolution, it says “Anything we do today, anything is actually evolution”. This means all the steps we do today are actually becoming the stepping stones for the generations to come. The paradox is even if we are not doing anything, we are actually creating future in it. This might seem illogical – but the truth is even if we are not doing anything, we are actually creating better future for the next generation.

These laws are actually hard to bite on, but if we give it a close look – we may understand it better. Let me try to throw some examples to catch on –

We know Edison as the person, who invented tungsten bulb, but actually the bulb had been invented earlier but the challenge was they could not help it burn longer. The laws of evolution actually hold because the prior researches actually helped Edison in perfecting the bulb.

We know Galileo as the person who invented telescope, and the person who promulgated the sun at center theory. As a matter of fact, telescope was invented earlier – the only reason was it wasn’t perfect. The sun at center theory was actually done 80 years prior by Copernicus. Those papers actually helped Galileo in completing the theory.

Jesus Christ died 2000 years ago, but if we analyze the reach Christianity has on this world – we can see evolution. The followers of Christ actually spread his message far better than him. All this happened without telephone, internet, social networking etc. That’s evolution.

So no matter of what we do or not do, we are actually stepping on the gas to help our future generations to succeed. Evolution is so wonderful yet fearsome topic to discuss on.

Let me explain to why it can be fearsome also. Today we see the rate at which technology changes - its almost uncontrollable, if we look back 15 years – we might have not even heard of a mobile phone. Its almost sure we did not have an email id 15 years back. But now things are changing so fast that we cant keep track. We are confused whether to sign into orkut or facebook, whether to use CDMA or GSM. We find ourselves to be a store house of more than 5000 marketing messages daily.

Can someone think what its going to be 10 years from now. Say, even with technology we may find it hard to keep track of our friend. But that’s evolution – and it has to happen.
The people who make it in life will be the ones that are actually speeding up the evolution process; they are the people who fall in the evolution-cycle. They create and recreate wonders.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Theory of Technological Evolution..

What could be the first thing we recollect when we hear the word –Evolution, yes Charles Darwin and his studies on this wonderful topic. We can rest assure that these laws of Evolution are still being taught in schools today. Lets all salute to the wonderful insights and thought processes Darwin’s theory has given us.

My discussion here is to stress the relevance evolution has on our day-to-day lives. Evolution is the art of inheriting capabilities from a person and then adding value to it. According to Darwin, Inheritance came only from parents ie genetic. We mold out to be better than our ancestors. We start out from where they left out. So the theory of Evolution holds good there, not just to the humans but to all creatures of the planet.

According to his theory - "Natural selection acts to preserve and accumulate minor advantageous genetic mutations. Suppose a member of a species developed a functional advantage (it grew wings and learned to fly). Its offspring would inherit that advantage and pass it on to their offspring. The inferior (disadvantaged) members of the same species would gradually die out, leaving only the superior (advantaged) members of the species”.

The technological version of this theory can be thought about as “A doctor having years of experience and extended hours of research trying to pass on this developed skill to his son/daughter – and in most cases failing miserably”.

Unfortunately this theory was incapable of explaining the technological revolution. Had humans believed to this theory only – and was not ready to learn from people outside their family – we would have been living today just like the people were 2000 years ago. The Theory Of Technological Evolution applies to only humans and creatures that can communicate.

The first theory states that “we advance in technology by speeding up the communication process; we need to speed up the messages we receive as well as promulgate" Imagine the same doctor “He becomes a doctor because he was ready to learn from another doctor, and he keeps the flame burning by teaching the same thing to the next generation”. Now if we can speed up the learning and teaching process we can have more doctors around.

The second theory states that “The follower always become better than the leader – however small the fraction is”. The person, who learns from the teacher, ultimately becomes more powerful and influential than him. There is no better day than today to be a follower; you are surely going to outgrow your teacher. The doctor outgrows his mentor, by applying his teachings – he also discovers better technologies and innovations.

The third theory states that “these two theories work for anyone independent of the technological hierarchy” For the Darwin theory of evolution worked when there established blood relationships. However there are no relationships of any kind between the learners and teacher for technological transfer to take place. This gives us the freedom for independent technological transfer ie. Any person can decide what he wants to be, and start to learn the required. We have a choice to be a doctor, engineer etc.

The 3 theories of evolution are very much stronger than we can conceive. This is the secret to why man has learned to conquer any challenges that comes his way. We are entering into a very powerful era called the information age where the speed with which technology multiplies is going to increase – that gives us all the same window of opportunity – to survive or to succeed.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Are you Lost in Thought (LIT) ?

Humans are the only species known to change their surroundings by changing their thoughts. This fact has been substantiated over the years, by exhaustive studies conducted by various scientists, all over the world. This ability of ours is not just because we are the most intelligent of all species on earth, but because we also have the ability to focus our energy on a dominant thought and make that come true.

If you observe the many species on earth, you’ll find that they are all highly equipped to adapt to the situations around them. The polar bears have heavy fur to help them survive the cold, the chameleon has the ability to change colors to get away from a predator, tigers and cats can run fast to catch their prey, the antelopes and deer are provided with horns to fight their predators, the sharks are given powerful teeth to get their meal and many more. We find that almost all of god’s creations, other than man, have been created in such a way that helps them survive hardships.

Now, what has god given man? Or has he given man something to help adapt to situations? Yes; The Almighty gave us the ability to change our circumstances, rather than just adapt to them. We are the only known species that can change our circumstances, while all other species have to adjust with it to survive. The question now is - how do we do this?

We change our circumstances by changing the way we think. If you hold on to the same thought consistently for a period of time, you could convert it into reality. Let’s look for some examples from history to reinforce this – we wanted to travel places, cover long distances; but we could not run fast – so we invented motor vehicles. We couldn’t fly like the birds out in the sky – so we invented aircrafts. We couldn’t swim like fishes in the unknown depths of the ocean– so we invented scuba diving equipments. Now take any example, be it a small or a massive change – we have brought about these changes by the thoughts we held in our mind.

Are you a person “Lost In Thought (LIT)”. If you are, you are going to bring about a desirable change to yourself as well as others. What you think about, you bring about. LIT just not to dream, but to dream the same dream over and over again. Thoughts are the only weapon we are born with, to compete - among ourselves as well as with nature.

As George Bernard Shaw once said, The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want and if they can't find them, make them.

Guided by a clear thought, we can believe that all other things will follow. Be a person LIT, then a clear vision, sense of direction, plan of action, character building, patience and perseverance to achieve that thought, will follow. If you are a person LIT, all the turns you take in life will be the right turn. Nothing major was ever achieved without primarily believing it would happen!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The dreams that come true are the ones you uphold daily…

Dreams are those fantasies of ours that are never meant to come true. Yet we hear people talk about "following one’s dreams, so as to achieve success and happiness in life." What we need to realize is that dreams can never be concluding, the moment we have achieved one - a better dream pops out of us. When we have progressed one level, we see that our dreams have progressed two levels.

Dreams, Just like happiness, success are worthwhile when progressively realized .Every one of us have dreams, be it the one we see subconsciously when we sleep or the one we envisage during the daytime. No man has ever succeeded in intentionally stopping himself from dreaming. Experts are of the opinion that, the dreams we see at night are, in fact, the manifestations of our activities during the day.

On the other hand, day-dreams are the manifestations of what we would like to do. They show us the picture of a prospective future, as we want it to be. And these are the ones that will, in reality, manifest itself. Luckily, we have a choice to decide what to dream about and hence what to bring about. I am not quite sure how many of you believe the above statement.

Most achievements were a blueprint initially; and even before it was a blueprint – it was in the hearts of some people. Now when we stand in front of such huge monuments or wonders and think about the person behind it, we must also understand the dream that he had, the courage that he had to follow his heart…

We feel that some people are ‘lucky’ – they get their breaks, get ahead and become world famous and rich. Most others – the ones, whom we entitle ‘unlucky’, starve, live in poverty, and die miserably. Now what could the difference be? Is it because their surroundings and circumstances did not favor their growth, or is it because they did not know how to become a super achiever? You are not the product of your circumstances; you are the product of the choices you make – today, this minute, this second.

There are some laws that are applicable to all human beings, whether he is man, woman, black, white, poor or rich. These laws are called as the universal laws, and it is applicable in all walks of life. There are some resources that all of us have in the same quantity – 24 hours, degree of hope, ability to dream, ability to communicate, throb to socialize. Now, we can have the answer to all the questions if we know how to exploit our priceless possessions to the max.

The higher your dreams, the higher placed you will be in life. Successful people – focus on things that they want in life and unsuccessful people – focus on things that they don’t want. What is it that you really want? The dreams that we see today are going to come true, for sure, tomorrow; we have two choices: either to discard them or to have the courage to follow them.

Just like any powerful entity, dreams can be positive or negative – lets all learn to follow the good dreams, because they are the ones that will earn us goodwill. Make sure you have the same dream every day, let there be focus of energy. Let the dream be so powerful enough to move your subconscious mind. Let the dream be so big to shape your surroundings and circumstances. Let the dream be so good, that it will bring prosperity to millions, not just you alone.

If our ex-president stated “India is becoming a super power by 2020” it has a lot to do with the dreams we carry every day. God knows, maybe it may be one of us topping the Forbes billionaire chart that day. Life’s success never goes to the faster, stronger or the better man – it always goes to the one who thinks he can!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

who can be a mentor ?

Mentor: [men-tawr, -ter] :noun: (1) a wise and trusted counselor or teacher. (2) an influential senior sponsor or supporter. verb (used without object) (3) to act as a mentor: She spent years mentoring to junior employees.
Mentee:[men-tee] : noun: a person who is guided by a mentor.

The dictionary defines a mentor and a mentee in just a few simple words, but that does not give a complete picture of the privileges and power these people have got. A Mentor is someone who gives an honest and wise advice to his/her followers. Of the many followers, the one who grasps his advice and goes ahead to use them are mentees.

All of us may have a mentor, but not necessarily mentees. The reason for this being, "No one is perfect".We are all people who want to bring in perfection, be it in our personality, family relationships, work motivation, earning skill or the way we close sales. So we seek the help of a force greater than us to guide us.

A mentor is someone who hands you a torch, when you approach a dark tunnel. He doesn’t give you a lighted torch; it’s your responsibility to switch on the torch and pass through the tunnel. If a mentor were to take all the decisions for you, then what would be your role?

People usually confuse a mentor and an advisor. The latter is one who gives you a focused approach to do things, say “You need to invest 30,000 in HUL shares so that you can triple your shares”, mostly that they might not have done themselves. Whereas a mentor is someone who gives you a range of advises to gear you up to face the challenges before you, say - “You need to do the right thing, even though the wrong one benefits you the most”. There is nothing wrong even if a mentor says “You need to share your innovative idea with atleast 20 people a week, to become a millionaire” provided he has done it, and he is a millionaire..

I think this is going to hit you hard. You not only confused advisors to mentors, but have always done what the advisors had told you. We can relate this as much as, the advices we give to our peers, colleagues and friends - we might say "do this... ","do that..." but most certainly we might have opened our mouth because of our intutions rather than the existing facts.

Nothing to get disheartened, but there are three things we need to keep in mind.
(1) Don’t give advice to someone, on something that you haven’t accomplished yet.
(2) Don’t take advice from people who are not achievers themselves.
(3) Dont hesitate to follow the mentor, he is the one who has acheived in areas which you wish to excel for.

It’s not quite surprising that you may find real leaders of the country driving autorikshaws or shaving heads. It isn’t quite funny when your friend advices you to take up an MBA when he himself has no intention of taking it up. It isn’t quite fair when your relatives ask you to struggle hard in your job, when they themselves are not in a job and wouldn’t want to be either.

Now you may have the qualifications required to be the chief mentor to your
First – don’t believe its personal experience that teaches us, we should be a fool to believe it. Its the experience and mistake of others that we need to learn from. This knowledge can be acquired from the books we read.
Second – We dont have all the years to do something from scratch, make all the mistakes ourselves and then learn from them. Don’t expect the next generation millionaires to be like the TATA's or Ambani's who took years, say like 150, to grow. The next generation millionaires are going to evolve in 4-5 years.
Third – Dont expect to be a millionaire doing a job.
Fourth – Until you become a strong leader, make sure you are correctly plugging your employees and partners to another mentor.

Now how do you distinguish a chief mentor from local advisors? Really simple. Out of every 100 people you see, there’ll be 95 advisors who are struggling, 4 mentors who are leading luxurious lives and 1 chief mentor who is super rich and famous.
You are an advisor by default, whereas if you aspire on becoming a mentor you need to get out and serve the society.