Thursday, July 31, 2008

Belief.. Ultimately you are what you think you are

If you are in a habit of reading self help books, you will find that nearly all authors will focus on the belief system and related topics in first few pages. What do you think makes the author comment on the power of belief initially? It’s something which you would never have thought of in your wildest imagination! If, the author is incapable of helping you build a belief system there is no point in going forward with the book.

The first quality you need to inculcate is, to believe in yourself. Ultimately if you want to change, you need to believe you are capable of changing. Let’s face it; any accomplishment is 80% belief and 20% action. You have innumerable capabilities in you to become a winner, still the question that haunts all of us is, why are we not the best in our field? The answer lies within you! Introspect and find out what are you made off? Do you have all the firepower to become the best?

We all have experienced the power of belief. We may have outrun a powerful opponent with our belief system, be it in the field of sports, academics or business. This is how experts state the power of belief "When you believe you can attain your goal and take a powerful decision; suddenly from no where the entire billion cells in your body will power you with energy so that you take the necessary action to make it a reality"

Belief can be compared to a car with an engine but without a steering. The engine represents the immense power you have in you while the steering represents your belief level. Without proper sense of direction you cannot command yourself to perform any action. Just like the car will move and reach some destination, you will definitely be someone but importantly not what you wanted to become. It’s the belief that steers you to your destination, so why not do it??

 The animals are also tamed in the similar fashion; they are conditioned to perform things that their counterparts cannot even think of. If we humans can pump in belief level to all these animals to help them do productive work, then why cannot we change our own belief systems? Changing your belief system is not that easy, else every second person would be a winner.

Not all people end up as winners. Winners have it in them to perform consistently. The difference is where you formulate your belief from, who is the person influencing you to build up the right belief. Are you taking the help of the person who has not made any significant achievement in any endeavor or are you backed up by a powerful mentor? Your belief level will automatically boost if you associate with the winners.

To be a common person you needn’t put any effort, you are by default. If you wish to change, change for the good, you need to start somewhere. The best place to start is from yourself. You change your thought->belief->action then winning becomes a habit. Keep in mind the best lesson is learned when you are temporarily defeated, whether you come back to the winning streak or not will depend on your belief system!

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