Thursday, July 10, 2008

Life cycle of a great personality

In an effort to become a ‘motivational speaker and writer’, I have decided to write a weekly newsletter to a select few people who have been pillars of strength and encouragement in all my endeavors! Being an amateur, I may make a few mistakes in the initial stages but I would be more than glad if all of you could help me make this newsletter more resourceful and interesting with your valuable inputs and suggestions! I hope to make a difference to each of your lives in a small way with the power of motivation!

Topic for the week: Life cycle of a great personality

Some people achieve phenomenal success in their field of work. Have we at any point of time analyzed how these people make so much money while most of us just about manage to make ends meet! Success is measured by the amount of wealth one has acquired, which in turn is directly proportional to the services they’ve rendered.

Successful personalities always have a large network which helps them grow faster and bigger! The law of nature states that, if you are service oriented and focus on helping everyone else around you, this is a sure shot step to success, the money will follow soon! Irrespective of which field you belong to, your career must follow a definite life cycle comprising 5 stages:-

1. Decision: We need to decide who we want to be and set personal goals to accomplish our dreams.
2. Apprentice: We need to find a person who has the expertise in our area of work and accept him as our mentor. This is a learning phase where we need to be patient enough to do what our mentor asks us to do without focusing on monetary gains.
3. Performer: Once we have gathered sufficient knowledge, the next step is to put this knowledge into practice. Try try try till you suceed, never give up!
4. Leader: This is the actual break even point. Only when he becomes a leader in his area of functioning does he stand a chance of becoming a MAGNATE.
5. Mentor: This is when people accept you as their ‘guru’. A mentor never forces his mentees but he merely guides people by giving them many choices. At this stage you are stable in all respect and you play a vital role in influencing many people’s careers and lives!

One simple exercise after reading this would be to sit back and analyze which stage you are currently at and how quickly you can reach the zenith!

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