Thursday, July 24, 2008

Vision...See beyond the obvious.

It gives me immense pleasure to raise my views on this topic! VISION, is not merely the ability to see, but to see beyond the obvious. It’s a simple yardstick to distinguish a leader from a layman.

An interesting finding is that every era is ruled by a group of visionaries. The question which arises in our mind is what goes into the making of a visionary? It isn’t that the common man is not hardworking; on the contrary the reason why he remains mediocre is because his actions are not backed by a powerful vision. What is the special power bestowed in them which makes them foresee what will flourish/boom in the future?

Have you ever thought that if you had the power within you to predict the next revolution, will you not be able to build a huge fortune? Every leader is a visionary, irrespective of his area of functioning. A popular quote from the Bible," Where there is no vision, the people perish". Let’s get a clear picture of the power of vision by taking the example of Bill Gates, the master visionary. He had the mettle to believe that the upcoming trend is software. Many people who were in the similar business perished because they did not have the vision to see the upsurge of this billion dollar industry.

It’s a common saying that Necessity is the mother of all inventions; the fact remains that an invention was not really a necessity, until the inventor could sell his invention to the layman. Only the inventor had the vision to foresee that his discovery would become a necessity in our day to day life.

 Let me illustrate with an example. Thomas Alva Edison perfected the tungsten bulb. Even after its reinvention, the bulb barely had any market value; no one really needed an electric bulb. If Edison had not marketed this product through GE, the dark ages would have protracted till date!! Edison’s conviction made him believe that someday people will accept his invention and his genius gave us light in our home.

The vision, observance and performance of true leaders are unequaled. We all require vision to be a leader in our area of working. Here are a few simple steps to formulate a vision.
First, you need to have a powerful dream, which will torture you day in and day out. The power of this dream should be such that it makes your life miserable if not accomplished! Next, you need to fix a time span to turn your dream into a reality.
Last but not the least, you need to select a vehicle to lead you to your dream Selection of this vehicle is the most important criterion. It’s always advisable to take the guidance of people who have made significant achievement in whatever endeavor you wish to step in. At any point of time, if you could answer the simple question ‘why are you doing all this? You are on the right track and your vision is resolute!!!

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