Thursday, August 28, 2008

Marketing… You need to reach out to people…

Marketing is the most fascinating but at the same time one of the most ridiculed aspects of any business. Even on personal terms, marketing plays a real important role. The ability to convey to people and convince them of the product or service you are selling is called marketing.
We all know that every industry survives on this aspect. Almost all industries are here to sell a product or service. It’s the ability of the marketing wing of a company, to close the sale at the highest possible price that ensures the sustenance of their industry. I had the privilege to speak to one of the finest leader in software industry and this is what he said "Marketing is all that matters. They determine whether we sell this software product for 10 rupees or 10000 rupees."

We should all be proud of the salesmen we see around us; it is their ability to sell the product at the highest possible price that helps an industry survive and grow. A sale is made only when the customer feels he is winning. I have seen a lot many people complain "you sold this product to me at a higher price, you cheated on me, I would have got this product at a lower price elsewhere". Its least expected of a customer to complain about the price after he has bought the product.
Marketing is a general term used in industries, but I wish to divert the focus to marketing in personal relationships. We need not have an MBA to market ourselves. We are great at expressing ourselves; the only thing is that we are not aware of it. How do you think we attract good friends? We sell ourselves every day, every moment. There is this good friend of mine, who has really got some magic in his hands – music just plays out of any instrument he touches. I know him quite personally so I asked him "have you learnt music before?" His answer was "NO". Not just me but all his friends were shocked to hear that reply. We all know he is gifted, not every person is as fortunate as him. But the only drawback I find in him is that he is not attempting to sell his talent.

As long as we keep the god given gift to ourselves, it doesn’t serve any purpose. We live and die with the music still within us. We should admit that its our duty to sell our talents and skills to others. Selling makes the difference; the more the people you reach out to the more you will be respected and admired. If you have read the book RICH DAD POOR DAD by Robert T Kiyosaki, you’ll recall the difference he mentions between a best writing author and a best selling author.
99 % of times talent does not matter, we may not be as lucky as Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps. Skills matter more. People with talent are one time performers, but those with skills are consistent performers. Fortunately skills are learnable. If you are ready to learn, nothing can stop you from being a consistent achiever in your area of functioning…..

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Have a Plan.. or else you fit into someone else’s..

Gold medal won’t come to an athlete who simply sits at home, success never comes unnoticed and as a surprise. Success is not in the form of a lottery which comes most unexpected and unfortunately no one has become rich winning a lottery. Victory comes to the person who has a plan.

When I was in school, I believed during the prize distribution ceremony that I will win a prize, even though I never participated in any event. How many of you had this strange feeling? I now realize it was foolish to expect a return when you haven’t put any effort, but at that point of time I continued to believe that I will win prizes even if I did not participate in any event. We don’t realize, many of us still expect something big to happen though we have not paid the price for it.

Success comes to the person, who steps out of the comfort zone. To be in the stretch zone there should be something that motivates you. Its human to crave for more, personally I would not put the effort if the pain is more than the gain.

I am quite sure that we need to be in this stretch zone at some point in our lives. Everything will not be as easy as it is right now, we will have to work harder to just merely survive. The only way we can come out of this hardship is to have a plan. Have a plan for 5 years from now, have a plan for the next day, have a plan for this day. The sad part is that if we don’t have a plan, we fit into someone else’s plan. Actually there is nothing to worry about; nature has its own course of doing things; we will reach some destination according to the natures plan. But the fact is nature always wants you to come average. If we need to be any better we need to change the course of things.

I affirm we have the ability to change the natural course of things. The job I am doing right now was not my plan; it came to me somehow during engineering. The engineering itself was not my choice; it came to me by chance. In school I took the first group by chance. I assume it’s the same with all of you.
The person you will be 5 years from now is dependent on the decision you take today. Let our lives be filled with choices. I read somewhere that there is nothing called as a problem; it was a choice went wrong. We see the problem fading away when we make a winning choice. Lets all become winners by choice.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Change.. The ability to redirect your energy…

I hope that by the communications we have had so far, you would have started outlining your goals and defined a time frame to achieve them. If you haven’t, then start right away! Remember, " If you start early you become successful early". We all should be developing the 'DO IT NOW !!!' attitude, I can assure you the results are incredible!
Change, is a measure of our ability to take different paths leading to the same goal. Change is an inevitable part of success. I believe, when we start up something new, we are guided by a magical "beginners luck" but beware as it doesn’t last forever! At a later phase we won’t get the results we wanted. We may also feel like we have emptied out all our resources. This is where ‘CHANGE’ comes into play. "The only thing that doesn’t change in this universe is the word change itself". Most people quit at this point. They don’t put in the efforts to do the R&D. If we strongly have a goal in our mind, when all doors close there will always be a window to bail us out. This is the appropriate time for us to relax and then rediscover ourselves.
Like computers, our minds also get programmed in a certain way. If I ask someone to change today, he won’t find it easy. The natural tendency of the human mind is to reject the whole idea of change; this is because we are very comfortable with the lives we are leading.

I can give an example to illustrate that the change itself is difficult. I told one of my friends to stop watching the news before retiring to bed and just after waking up in the morning. I said that we are pumping ourselves with tremendous negative energy like suicides, rapes, accidents and earth quakes. This would indirectly affect our subconscious mind. The immediate reply that I received was "I don’t feel anything wrong happening to me, I have been like this for 22 years and why should I change today". I also agree that we need to be aware of the things happening around us but not at the cost of our health, goals and desires.
Next time we are frustrated with ourselves, when we are stuck with the job or business, just remember that it’s the opportunity to learn and take a better path. For all those of you who haven’t had this feeling, its simply because you haven’t set a goal and hence you are not progressively moving towards it. It’s always good to be in 2nd standard after passing the 1st because you owe not to miss on the fundamentals… -----------------------------------
The meaning of change is to get yourself acquainted to something new in your life be it physical, social, psychological, mental, emotional etc. There is very famous saying that 'We can judge a person's age by how well he adjusts to change in his life'. As we grow, we start getting reluctant to changes which hampers our growth. Need is the backbone of change and change is necessary for progress in one's life.We all should accept the changes in our life with positive attitude. If something or someone will not go out of our life we won't give that position or relation to someone else and it usually happens that what we get after so much reluctance, is infact , better than the previous one. There is also a concept of change management which companies are following these days. Change Management is a structured approach to transitioning individuals, teams and organizations from a current state to a desired future state, this is very much necessary and true in every field of life. Whenever we desire for something, we need to make plans and changes in our day-to-day activities so as to get that. -Akanksha

Thursday, August 07, 2008

CONFIDENCE... Never run out of it

Confidence is as important for success as water is for our sustenance. It is not always possible to learn all things and then start doing them. Likewise, we cannot wait for the road to clear before we learn driving. All that it takes for us to attempt any particular feat is confidence. "Confidence is not when you know all the answers, it’s when you are prepared to take all the questions".
Most people hesitate to start off something new because of the lack of confidence. Let us accept the fact, that all winners did not have a clear cut path to their dreams. They had the courage and confidence to make a start. As they progressed towards their goal, they certainly met with many obstacles, some totally unexpected!
I think confidence and enthusiasm go hand in hand. If you’re a natural enthusiast, definitely you will be a confident individual. We need to analyze why our confidence level doesn’t remain the same throughout our lives? It could be because of some set backs or temporary defeats. Mistakes and defeats are all the part of the game; they inturn build your character. But most people, even people whom I’ve come across just don’t recover from this state. They confuse temporary defeat with failure and dont pounce back. It is said that the "strength of the timber can be measured by the winds it has faced".

You are not a person who should remain defeated always; you needn’t stay unblessed when people around you fly past. I am asking you to develop that confidence, which will always put you on the victory stand throughout life.
We are the best judge of ourselves; we know what motivates us and what turns us off. Confidence is an integral tool that you should develop immaterial of where you are, what you do and what you want to become. You should be able to find out, what exactly are the things that boost your confidence, and do the same when your spirits are low. Say, you love playing cricket, suppose you are fed up with work pressures or family issues; I promise you, after a round of play you will feel like an entirely different person.

Confidence is always a high energy state. It’s a level tough to reach, but the result you get at this energy level is awesome! Confident people tend to achieve more; they even outrun people who are miles ahead of them logically, technically and talent wise. We all love to be around a confident individual; they will be definitely around you if you transform yourselves to a highly confident person! -----------------------------------------------
Confidence is the key to become the successful person in life and to achieve what we want. Confidence has to be in everyone’s day-to-day activities. We all want to achieve what we dream to and we try very hard to get that but if we have Self Confidence, the road to success becomes shorter and easier .
We all are attracted to a person who is self confident. The reason being self-confident people inspire confidence in others: Their audience, their peers, their bosses, their customers, and their friends. Gaining the confidence of others is one of the key ways in which a self-confident person finds success. The good news is that self-confidence really can be learned and built on. And, whether you’re working on your own self-confidence or building the confidence of people around you, it’s well-worth the effort!
All other things being equal, self-confidence is often the single ingredient that distinguishes a successful person from someone less successful. We can work upon improving our self-confidence by learning from the one who is more confident than us.  ----Akanksha