Thursday, August 14, 2008

Change.. The ability to redirect your energy…

I hope that by the communications we have had so far, you would have started outlining your goals and defined a time frame to achieve them. If you haven’t, then start right away! Remember, " If you start early you become successful early". We all should be developing the 'DO IT NOW !!!' attitude, I can assure you the results are incredible!
Change, is a measure of our ability to take different paths leading to the same goal. Change is an inevitable part of success. I believe, when we start up something new, we are guided by a magical "beginners luck" but beware as it doesn’t last forever! At a later phase we won’t get the results we wanted. We may also feel like we have emptied out all our resources. This is where ‘CHANGE’ comes into play. "The only thing that doesn’t change in this universe is the word change itself". Most people quit at this point. They don’t put in the efforts to do the R&D. If we strongly have a goal in our mind, when all doors close there will always be a window to bail us out. This is the appropriate time for us to relax and then rediscover ourselves.
Like computers, our minds also get programmed in a certain way. If I ask someone to change today, he won’t find it easy. The natural tendency of the human mind is to reject the whole idea of change; this is because we are very comfortable with the lives we are leading.

I can give an example to illustrate that the change itself is difficult. I told one of my friends to stop watching the news before retiring to bed and just after waking up in the morning. I said that we are pumping ourselves with tremendous negative energy like suicides, rapes, accidents and earth quakes. This would indirectly affect our subconscious mind. The immediate reply that I received was "I don’t feel anything wrong happening to me, I have been like this for 22 years and why should I change today". I also agree that we need to be aware of the things happening around us but not at the cost of our health, goals and desires.
Next time we are frustrated with ourselves, when we are stuck with the job or business, just remember that it’s the opportunity to learn and take a better path. For all those of you who haven’t had this feeling, its simply because you haven’t set a goal and hence you are not progressively moving towards it. It’s always good to be in 2nd standard after passing the 1st because you owe not to miss on the fundamentals… -----------------------------------
The meaning of change is to get yourself acquainted to something new in your life be it physical, social, psychological, mental, emotional etc. There is very famous saying that 'We can judge a person's age by how well he adjusts to change in his life'. As we grow, we start getting reluctant to changes which hampers our growth. Need is the backbone of change and change is necessary for progress in one's life.We all should accept the changes in our life with positive attitude. If something or someone will not go out of our life we won't give that position or relation to someone else and it usually happens that what we get after so much reluctance, is infact , better than the previous one. There is also a concept of change management which companies are following these days. Change Management is a structured approach to transitioning individuals, teams and organizations from a current state to a desired future state, this is very much necessary and true in every field of life. Whenever we desire for something, we need to make plans and changes in our day-to-day activities so as to get that. -Akanksha

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