Thursday, August 21, 2008

Have a Plan.. or else you fit into someone else’s..

Gold medal won’t come to an athlete who simply sits at home, success never comes unnoticed and as a surprise. Success is not in the form of a lottery which comes most unexpected and unfortunately no one has become rich winning a lottery. Victory comes to the person who has a plan.

When I was in school, I believed during the prize distribution ceremony that I will win a prize, even though I never participated in any event. How many of you had this strange feeling? I now realize it was foolish to expect a return when you haven’t put any effort, but at that point of time I continued to believe that I will win prizes even if I did not participate in any event. We don’t realize, many of us still expect something big to happen though we have not paid the price for it.

Success comes to the person, who steps out of the comfort zone. To be in the stretch zone there should be something that motivates you. Its human to crave for more, personally I would not put the effort if the pain is more than the gain.

I am quite sure that we need to be in this stretch zone at some point in our lives. Everything will not be as easy as it is right now, we will have to work harder to just merely survive. The only way we can come out of this hardship is to have a plan. Have a plan for 5 years from now, have a plan for the next day, have a plan for this day. The sad part is that if we don’t have a plan, we fit into someone else’s plan. Actually there is nothing to worry about; nature has its own course of doing things; we will reach some destination according to the natures plan. But the fact is nature always wants you to come average. If we need to be any better we need to change the course of things.

I affirm we have the ability to change the natural course of things. The job I am doing right now was not my plan; it came to me somehow during engineering. The engineering itself was not my choice; it came to me by chance. In school I took the first group by chance. I assume it’s the same with all of you.
The person you will be 5 years from now is dependent on the decision you take today. Let our lives be filled with choices. I read somewhere that there is nothing called as a problem; it was a choice went wrong. We see the problem fading away when we make a winning choice. Lets all become winners by choice.

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