Thursday, August 28, 2008

Marketing… You need to reach out to people…

Marketing is the most fascinating but at the same time one of the most ridiculed aspects of any business. Even on personal terms, marketing plays a real important role. The ability to convey to people and convince them of the product or service you are selling is called marketing.
We all know that every industry survives on this aspect. Almost all industries are here to sell a product or service. It’s the ability of the marketing wing of a company, to close the sale at the highest possible price that ensures the sustenance of their industry. I had the privilege to speak to one of the finest leader in software industry and this is what he said "Marketing is all that matters. They determine whether we sell this software product for 10 rupees or 10000 rupees."

We should all be proud of the salesmen we see around us; it is their ability to sell the product at the highest possible price that helps an industry survive and grow. A sale is made only when the customer feels he is winning. I have seen a lot many people complain "you sold this product to me at a higher price, you cheated on me, I would have got this product at a lower price elsewhere". Its least expected of a customer to complain about the price after he has bought the product.
Marketing is a general term used in industries, but I wish to divert the focus to marketing in personal relationships. We need not have an MBA to market ourselves. We are great at expressing ourselves; the only thing is that we are not aware of it. How do you think we attract good friends? We sell ourselves every day, every moment. There is this good friend of mine, who has really got some magic in his hands – music just plays out of any instrument he touches. I know him quite personally so I asked him "have you learnt music before?" His answer was "NO". Not just me but all his friends were shocked to hear that reply. We all know he is gifted, not every person is as fortunate as him. But the only drawback I find in him is that he is not attempting to sell his talent.

As long as we keep the god given gift to ourselves, it doesn’t serve any purpose. We live and die with the music still within us. We should admit that its our duty to sell our talents and skills to others. Selling makes the difference; the more the people you reach out to the more you will be respected and admired. If you have read the book RICH DAD POOR DAD by Robert T Kiyosaki, you’ll recall the difference he mentions between a best writing author and a best selling author.
99 % of times talent does not matter, we may not be as lucky as Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps. Skills matter more. People with talent are one time performers, but those with skills are consistent performers. Fortunately skills are learnable. If you are ready to learn, nothing can stop you from being a consistent achiever in your area of functioning…..

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