Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hope...The medicine that keeps us alive...

Hope is the only attribute that will be with us, even when everything else is lost. Recently many banks in the US went bankrupt. They lost their wealth, their business, their share holders, their vision, their time, their belief, their confidence but they shall never loose their hope.
It is a fact that cannot be questioned. Hope is the only medicine by which doctors have used to cure many terminally ill patients. We’ve heard of many a case where cancer patients have survived just because their hope was alive. Same is the cases with business. We have seen many visionary companies struggle from time to time, but they bounce back each time just because they believe that their tomorrow is going to be better than today. Walt Disney, IBM, and Nordstrom are perfect instances to get inspired by. There were some really trying times that these giants faced, but they came back strongly just because they had some hope deep down in their heart, of a brighter tomorrow, that kept them going. So no matter how much disturbed you are right now, you too can look forward to a brighter future if you have hope.
If you read the last 10 newsletters I have sent you, they where done with a special sequence and precision. Those 10 topics are the essential traits that help you start and run a business organization. In their order, they are:-
6. Plan
VISWARAM GROUP has been in self-sustaining businesses for almost two years now. It recently took over a technological firm which deals with web designing and software product development. Now whether that firm makes it in business or crashes depends on our degree of hope in it. We can inculcate the 10 basic traits into our functioning and expect positively for every thing to just work out, and it should.
Let me just keep it downright simple. When a company commences operation or when it decides on its operational policies it needn’t be a visionary company. It’s a myth that all major corporate giants had clear cut ideas of what they wanted to become. Neither did they have visionary leaders nor did they do anything with clear cut planning. I am speaking of giants like IBM, 3M, Citicorp, P&G, AMEX, Ford, Wal-Mart, Sony, HP, Walt Disney. This is where we should have hope, where we should have a positive expectancy. (Courtesy: Built To Last – Jim Collins.)
Another term used for hope by corporate management is positive expectancy i.e. to expect something to happen positively. Usually people with positive expectancy are natural optimists. And the quality of optimism redefines your degree of success.
We all hope for good things to happen to us. Usually hope and prayer go hand in hand. What we strongly wish to happen, we resort to pray and make it happen. But one thing is certain, merely hoping for good things to happen wont help. You have to put in the required action to make it happen. But the most important quality of hope and prayer is that it stays with you as long as you are alive. You may loose everything say wealth, health, family, status but the only flame that remains burning will be that of hope. The interesting thing is that with the lamp called hope you can light up all the other lamps.
We all have had our share of bad times, instances where we have been in a fix in our jobs or business. Some how we get frustrated up to the point of quitting. There may have been instances even of our goals remaining unachieved. The only way out is to keep struggling, as most things don’t happen when we want it to happen. In such instances, I always look forward to a better tomorrow with the magical thought “The Best Is Yet To Come”.

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