Thursday, September 04, 2008

PLAN B.. Because it’s quite sure plan A wont work…..

Planning is an essential activity for any event to be a grand success. We need to do the necessary homework because we know that any lack of planning on our part can make the event a big-time flop. Even with intense planning events crash; what could possibly be the reason for this?

Most often troubles creep in between the event, this is where the Plan B comes handy. You might ask, what is the necessity of having a PLAN B? Plan B comes handy when the activity does not progress as per the initial planning. In any team activity, uncertainty is inevitable; discrepancies may crop in and most often, its plan B that works.
I’m sure we’ve all heard about PLAN B or more popularly the BACKUP-PLAN. If we look around we can see that almost every activity has a backup plan. Let’s take for example, a game of football. Every team maintains a team size of at least 15 players before any match – this is to substitute for any injured player. We could find more examples at our own work places. Every project is bound to have a Project Leader and a backup-Project Leader. If by any chance the PL cannot make it to office it’s the backup-PL who ensures the deliverables are on time. Whatever happens, the show must go on!!! For that very reason a backup plan is unavoidable.

We may all have numerous personal experiences of PLAN B being implemented instead of PLAN A. For instance, we had the ‘tug-of-war’ competition held at our office campus. Unfortunately the rope broke in the first round itself. The entire event would have been a flop had we not arranged for a spare rope.

This applies to our lives also. Any time we do something with a proper plan, it’s really important to make sure that we have a PLAN B charted out and ready for use. There is a popular saying "Good business men are always very good at PLAN B". For that sake all major corporate firms have efficient resources backing up the top performing employees. You may be highly gifted and talented, but it’s a mistake to believe that it would be a great loss for the company if they fire you. It may disrupt the smooth functioning for a while, but most often your replacement will perform much better than you.

Just to quote a real life instance, you would not be reading these newsletters if I did not have a back up plan. Due to work pressure the previous editor could no longer review my articles. Had I not kept the PLAN B ready and found a better replacement, the show would have wound up by now. At every workplace attrition is inevitable; it’s your duty to make sure the business is not affected due to the lack of resource. It does not usually take very long to prepare a PLAN B, but most often its value is priceless...

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