Thursday, October 02, 2008

Commitment....You need to give all that you’ve got...

To be a winner we need to give all that we’ve got; in simple words, be committed to our goal. It is quite natural that we eat up most of our resources before tasting success. Success is not easy, but its simple.

Opportunity comes unnoticed; it rings up the calling bell when it arrives. We usually open the door and see if the opportunity is for us, we either grab it or let it fly by. But it’s a mistake to believe success comes unseen; it doesn’t have to ring up the calling bell for us to notice. In fact, we can see it coming long before it even reaches our doorsteps because it is usually the product of our hard work, wisdom and the decisions we make.

Another definition for commitment would be “to consistently persist”. To have commitment, we need to have a goal. Let me not use the word “dream” and “chasing the dream”, let me instead use the word “goal”. We all know we can achieve anything provided we are given ample time. But the question is can you do it in record time? When we set a time limit for our dreams it is called a goal. It may be our dream to become the CEO of a company. Perhaps some of us may make it towards the end of our careers. But can you achieve that dream at an early age of say 35 years? When you have taken a decision that you will and start working towards it, it is no longer a dream; it becomes a goal.

The attribute that let us put in the necessary efforts for achieving our goal is commitment. Let us not put in effort because of fear or pressure from our boss, friends or relatives. Let us put in the effort because we are motivated by the outcome.

It’s human nature to keep changing goals from time to time. We don’t dream today, what we dreamed 5 years ago. Most often we cut down on our dreams, mostly because we start to see the impossibility of achieving it. But let me tell you, to live your dream you need to commit yourselves to put in the efforts. The real sense of commitment comes when you fix up in your mind that you are going to achieve your goal come what may!

To live life in style, we need to commit ourselves to something. Don’t be content with a mediocre life, you are worth more! Be it a job or a business dig yourself deep into it and make the impossible happen. Develop the habit of working harder and going that extra mile to see yourself through the goal. Rise to the top 20% in your field, the payoff will be awesome. Then, when someone asks you, “Who are you? What do you stand for?”, you’ll have an answer.

Suppose you have started a new endeavor. If you have seen the big picture of where it takes you 5 years from now, if your wisdom tells you its worth putting your efforts for, then don’t wait; make things happen. Commit yourself to put in the effort and stay focused. If you have to do it anyway, then do it now. Try to achieve goals you planned to achieve 5 years from now in 3 years.

There is no alternative for commitment; you need to stay committed and put in the effort to achieve your goals. There is obviously a difference between passion and commitment. You are passionate about something when you like it and continue doing it; Commitment is when you accept no excuses and do something regardless of temptations leading you away from your goal. We would all love to hear your success story, so stay focused and go for it !!!

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