Thursday, October 09, 2008

Momentum...The product of skill and speed.....

Physics defines momentum as the product of mass and velocity. We all know how powerful an attribute momentum really is, in science and otherwise, not just because of the meaning it conveys but also because of the dangerous impact it can have. It’s just not enough to have mass alone or velocity alone, they need to complement each other, so that their product is maximum.
We all know the power of a moving neutron; it is capable of disintegrating an atom 1000 times heavier than it. Let’s analyze the principle behind this. Even though the mass of the neutron is very less, the momentum it has gathered makes it possible to create one of the most disastrous bombs ever discovered by humans. Apply this principle to your business and you’ll be able to solve any problem.
If we just apply a little thought now, won’t we get the answer as to how to build the largest business empire? The answer lies within you. The important thing is not how talented you are, but how many times in a day you use that talent. I define business momentum as the product of skill and speed. Just like how mass can be acquired, we can acquire skill too. Skill is actually a refinement of talent. Now what matters is how often and how well you use your skill.
I can illustrate this with an example; suppose making hamburgers is a skill – all that counts is how many of them you can make in a day, month or year. The combination of a skill (making hamburgers) multiplied by the speed (speed of sales) creates a momentum which keeps the business ticking. This is what Mc Donald’s have been doing for almost half a century now.
Now imagine that you have the ability to make the hamburger even tastier, still you are not going to succeed with a slow speed of delivery. Like mass, skill has an upper limit – you will not be able to improve the quality of hamburger beyond a certain limit. But let me tell you; there is no such limit to speed. You can increase the sales to any number per minute.
For those of you who are still confused about the whole new definition of momentum, let me explain this topic more specifically. We all have got some kind of talents and skill sets. Many of us have already discovered it and some of us are really digging it out. For those of you who are not attempting to rediscover themselves, VISWARAM PUBLICATIONS cannot be of any help. It’s like 80-20 principle; the people who read the blog are as low as 15-18%, because they want to have that spark to keep them going.
If you know you are particularly good at something, then let me tell you, that’s going to be your number one earning skill. You are going to amass huge wealth, thanks to that skill. But somewhere in your life you need to take a decision to go for it. Once you do that, all you need is to sell your skill; if you yearn to be extraordinary you need to learn the skill of selling yourselves.
All that takes for you to pick up momentum is a decision. Once you do that, everything around you keeps changing to aid you. I suppose you are at your best today; five years from now you will be a weaker person, you will be financially brittle, you will have greater liabilities and lesser flexibility. So I guess, today is the day to take the decision. If you step into a wealth creating system, it may take you atleast 5 years to turn successful. But if you create the momentum and learn to live up to it, then I’m sure we are all going to hear your success story very soon.

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