Thursday, November 06, 2008

In pursuit of happiness...Always ask the golden question...

It has been very rightly said that life is a journey, not a destination - a journey in search of happiness. The greatest yearning of a human being is to attain the state of blissful joy. Man is perpetually trying hard to keep himself and people around him happy. Our lives would have no value if we had everything else but happiness. The topic of this week’s newsletter is not happiness, rather the question you need to ask yourselves to be happy; i.e. am I happy with what I’m doing right now? If not, will I be happy when I do what I love to do?

Each individual has a distinct character and taste. Some love to rack their brains, in pursuit of a discovery; some love to freak out at the pubs and discos; yet others may love to sit in front of their computer all day or toil in the field to become an Olympic champion. Even though happiness is spelt the same, the meaning is different for each of them.
If you continue doing what you where doing until now, will it make you happy?

We humans are behind any possible occupation; what motivates one may not necessarily motivate the other. I am pretty sure, if someone were to ask you “what is the number one thing you want out of life?” the answer would be happiness. Happiness as such is not defined. Over the years, we’ve found out many ways to be happy. Man has explored at least a thousand roads to happiness. If you’re still unhappy, the only possible reason could be that you’ve not found the road to excellence. If you’ve set foot on the road to excellence, will that not make you happy?
One who loves the research lab will find it hard to befriend the one who loves the discos; the person glued to the computer cannot adjust with an athlete. Same is the case with you. That is the reason as to why you have friends of the same wavelength, as yourselves. You need to be surrounded by people who enjoy the same things as you do, so that you can be happy. Always ask to yourselves “the thing I am doing right now, will it take me closer to my goals or further away from it”. The only way for you to be happy is to be on the path that will take you to your goal.

You’ll be tagged the highest earning individual only if you are practicing your number one earning skill. If you are doing anything else, it will be just mediocre. A carpenter is meant to carve furniture, a doctor to cure diseases, an engineer is an expert at constructing, and a plumber excels in pipe fittings. Even a doctor could fix pipes, but that wouldn’t make him happy as it’s not what he’s been carved out for.
If you haven’t discovered what your skill is, practicing which will make you happy, then ask yourselves “Do I love what I’m practicing; will it take me closer to my goals or further away from it?”

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