Thursday, November 20, 2008

Super Conscious Mind...And it’s ability to switch states...

We human beings have a body, mind and soul. To control the soul is humanly impossible, but we have heard extraordinary stories of people performing superhuman activities by controlling their souls. Miracles can be performed by us, ordinary folks, too, not by gaining control of our soul, but through controlling our minds.

By controlling the mind, we can naturally control our body. Gaining control of the mind is similar to driving an automobile; we are attempting to control a machine 1000 times more powerful than ourselves.

Our mind has various states like love, emotion, anger, frustration, jealousy, greed, satisfaction etc. Broadly it can be classified into the assisting states and the hampering states. All emotions like love, enthusiasm, satisfaction, helping mentality, sharing, caring and affection comes in the assisting state while negative qualities like anger, frustration, greed and jealousy make up the hampering state. [Courtesy: Unlimited Power –Anthony Robbins]

According to the studies conducted by various researchers, the best human performance comes when our mind is in the assisting state. This is when we are at our best. We will do our work meticulously with a smile on our face because we’ll be loving it. Our relationship with others also tends to be cordial. But when we are in the hampering state – we lose control; we end up hating everything and everyone around us. Not only does the hampering state bring down our efficiency, we also pull down people associated with us.

We’ve learnt in physics that a molecule always tries to attain the lowest energy level possible. In the case of our mind, the hampering state of mind is the lowest energy level because it de-motivates a person to do work making him lethargic and thus in the least energy level possible, whereas the assisting state of mind is the highest energy level possible. Energy has to be spent not only to attain the state, but also to maintain it.

The greatest ability of our mind is that it can switch states i.e. our mind can transform from a state of frustration to love by putting in some creative energy. It can go from anger to affection with a slight addition of energy and also from enthusiasm to laziness by giving out energy. Here again our mind is in sync with the principles of physics. Just like an electron can switch from a lower energy state to a higher energy state by absorbing energy, our mind can also switch states.

We all know this; we have all gone through situations when we were totally frustrated with work or business and then took a quick holiday, enjoyed and later came back to work, rejuvenated.

In fact, the origin of these newsletters can be traced back to this very principle of switching states of mind. I needed to engage myself in activities that would bring my mind to an assisting state, to get rid of the frustration I was amassing due to my nature of work. I had to come out of that negative state because it was ruining my self-esteem and enthusiasm. I decided to gather immense energy by reading books and listening to audio programs that I would then redirect for a better cause. Now every time I am bored with work, I relax and write these articles and get back to work feeling a lot better!

Just like that, each one of us needs to find out ways to switch states. Since it’s only through an energy addition that you can bring yourself into an assisting state, you need to find out the tools for that. It can be some good music, a tête-à-tête with a friend, a touch from your loved one, a good book but, don’t misinterpret me; it cannot be a pack of cigarettes.

We all should put in an effort to bring ourselves into the assisting state, so that we’ll be helping ourselves as well as others. If we can achieve this, we become natural enthusiasts or putting it very simply, happy!!

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