Thursday, December 04, 2008

Association...The key to achieving your goals…

The person that you were yesterday, that you are today and will be tomorrow depends on your circle of friends more than any other factor in the world. You will never remain poor when you are in a circle of rich people. Conversely, it’s also true that, you cannot have millionaire thoughts when you are mixed with mediocre people.

This is true not just for humans, but also for all living beings in this universe. The newborn of an eagle will not be able to fly high if it’s mixed with chickens. So is true for a cub when mixed with kittens; it will not grow up to be as ferocious as it ought to be.

Years of study and research has only corroborated this fact. Let’s analyze the principle behind it. Who are the people, who influence us the most? Upon whose advice do we decide to attempt or not attempt something? Ultimately, who are the people whom we trust the most? Undoubtedly, it is our friends and this is the simple principle behind the theory of association.

The society we live in also decides the limit of our dreams and aspirations. As we discussed earlier, if the society puts us in an assisting state of mind, we naturally tend to exceed our limitations and perform better. What if everyone around us de-motivated us and put us in a hampering state of mind? Will it not arrest our growth?

You start to achieve only when people around you start achieving as well. The money you take home monthly is actually the average of the salaries of your 10 good friends. The whole idea of being a millionaire, when you associate with people who are amongst the rags, simply won’t work out because they are not going to visualize your plans and dreams. Just like the chickens cannot be taught the meaning of flying, people who wish to be mediocre cannot be taught the importance of being rich.

You can quickly change your destiny by changing your association. This is very true. Imagine you are having breakfast with Narayana Moorty, lunch with Ratan Tata, tea with Mukesh Ambani and dinner with Adi Godrej? Will you not equip yourselves with some new tools and fresh ideas to become a top personality like them? It will occur to you naturally. If we study the lives of these people, it can be found that they had spent majority of their lifetime with people having great mindsets. We know “People with rich ideas are always rich”.

This does not apply to being rich alone. Your interests can be shaped by the people around you. Whether you become a musician or a social worker or a beggar or even a terrorist depends on your association. The people you like have an invisible power to move you, inspire you and make you do things. It’s always better to be in a crowd of people whom you respect. It is more important than your abilities and capabilities because only then will you learn to use them. If you are in a poorer crowd, you become complacent and stop learning.

There is an interesting point to be understood between association and your goals. Our association should be always directly proportional to the goals and desires we have in life. If our association and goals don’t match, it’s almost sure we won’t reach our goals. Instead we end up spoiling the association as well. For eg: “If our goal is to cut down on our body weight and become slim, then we should not get mixed with people who rely on junk food and people with careless food habits”. Most probably we will hurt them unintentionally because they come in the way of our goals.
It’s always better to be with people who are a step ahead of you, irrespective of the field you are in, just like the way we learn English by mixing with people who are far more proficient than us. The moment you do that your growth starts and you’ll be on you way to achieving your goals. Never make the mistake of associating with negative people or the ones with lesser capabilities than you. Make sure your association always assists and motivates you to scale new heights.

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