Thursday, December 11, 2008

Punctuality...Your tool to save time…

We all know that for any business, time is equal to money. We all have the same 24 hours everyday, and we all have agreed that the way we spent our time really matters to what we are achieving. The more time we save, the more productive we become. Most cost cutting methods are time centric activities.

Lets all understand that punctuality has an important part to play in saving precious time. We need to be meticulous in our activities. We all have had numerous instances of wasting time, waiting for the CEO, MD, Director or other dignitaries to come and convene some meeting. On all these instances, we've complained about people not being punctual. Just think, had you been the owner of the company, would you have left your employees to unnecessarily waste half hour simply waiting for you to start the meeting?

One of the vital credential of all major personalities is their ability to adhere to their time schedule. Not only are they saving their time but many other's as well. By definition, punctuality saves time, but more importantly, it narrows down uncertainty also. Can you not recollect instances of being tensed and nervous when a train was unduly delayed? Will we not get restless when a meeting runs into an extra hour?

Most of our daily calculations are based on time, its simply because we need to fit in our jobs, relationships, fun and frolic all in one day. We need to adjust the time so efficiently that anything does not become a compromise. The busier we get the better we need to manage time.

There is a particular reason that I had to write a newsletter about punctuality. Recently we had a felicitation ceremony that was to commence by 4.00 and conclude by 5.00. Me, along with my friends attended the same in the mindset that at a max the function would get over by 5.15 so that we could return to work. The importance of being punctual became clear to me, when the function actually started at 4.45 and went on till 6.15.

Not only did things go out of balance, but it had a serious after effect for me. I got heavy rounds of firing from my manager as there was another meeting scheduled at 6.00 and I was unable to attend it. The minutes of nervousness I went through are more than explanatory.

Punctuality applies to all occasions – be it business, academics, building relationships, attending seminars or work out at a gym. Discipline more or less accompanies those who are punctual. Suppose we need to check in our offices at 8.00 AM sharp. The very thought of getting in office on time, will make us start following a disciplined system – say waking up at 6.00 and getting ready for office.

May be in our country the value of being punctual is not that significant. Usually we are not thrown out of jobs or college if we are late by 5 or 10 minutes. We all have started loving the uncertainties of delayed lectures, trains, flights etc. Lets tidy up. In countries like Germany you will be fired if you are 3 minutes late. Lets be more professional and build a better race.

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