Thursday, January 15, 2009

Break... Its time to refresh...

Hi guys,
I am planning to take a small break from blogging...
Its high time for me to re-read these newsletters and inspire the change.... To be the change you need to see in you...

Thursday, January 08, 2009

”May I help you?”...Help is always around the corner.

To make a mistake is the best way to learn; but repeating the same mistake again and again indicates carelessness or, perhaps, even foolishness. What if you made the same mistake, but under different circumstances? No matter how smart we are, we may be pulled into a crisis without notice. The only way out, then, is to ask people around you for help.

And the good news is there’ll always be someone or the other to bail you out of trouble. All you’ve to do is to ask. Most often, people hesitate in helping thinking they’ll land up in greater trouble or perhaps doubting the genuinity of the person or the situation. Once you explain your problem, stating the true facts, they’ll be more than willing to help. Thinking from the giving side, wouldn’t we do the same?

Last time I traveled by train, I was fined heavily for traveling on someone else’s ticket. At that moment, I had no other option but to call up my friends and ask for help. Luckily there was someone to rescue me. One of the lessons I learnt from that mistake was to carry more money while traveling. So, next time, I made sure I carried a minimum of 500 rupees in my wallet instead of the prior 100 rupees.


Now the same mistake occurred to me but in a slightly different manner. I wrongly read the PNR status of my train ticket as confirmed, when it was still only in the waiting list. Since I was pretty sure that the ticket was a confirmed one, I even cancelled the tickets booked for the subsequent train. Only after boarding the train did I come to know of it. Now, I was in trouble, because an E-ticket in the waiting list is more or less equivalent to ticket less traveling.

The TTR demanded that I remit double the ticket charge as fine. Thanks to the mistake I made earlier, I had carried a sum of 600 rupees – but this time, even that wasn’t adequate. I had no other option but to, once again, ask for help. I went around explaining my situation to at least 10 people, before a Tamilian offered to spare 500 rupees.

Quickly I remembered the law of numbers. You try to sell a product to 10 people – 5 will reject you right away, 3 will postpone their buying and 2 will help you close the sales. The point is how many sets of 10 people you see.

People are always willing to help us, just like we are ready to lend a helping hand to the needy. The problem is, only few people actually ask for help, fearing they’ll be let down. The Tamilian I met was ready to spare 500 rupees to a person; he had never met before, on the surety that I would transfer the money, online to his account, which was not at all a strong one.

The twist in the tale came when I told the TTR, all that had happened. He was willing to be slightly lenient, and charged me, only the fare from Thrissur to Chennai which totaled to a sum of 570 rupees thus, helping me to return the borrowed money.

It has been rightly said that, “Man is a social animal”. We are more or less obliged to our society and to our community. Our relation with them is a symbiotic one. It is ideal to have an attitude of “May I Help You?” always and it’s most certain that your help will be returned, when you’re in dire need of it, in some other manner, from some other source.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

New years Resolution... It is meant to be KEPT..

We are all excited to bid farewell to 2008 and welcome a much awaited year 2009. The reason for excitement may not be because we had a pleasant time in 2008, but may be that we expect the New Year to bring us more glory and fortune. It may be because we can rely on our hopes that certain things will turn out to be better the coming year at least.

This is a special occasion for me; At this juncture I would like to thank all of you for your support and cooperation in seeing through the 26 weeks of journey through motivation by VISWARAM PUBLICATIONS. I am glad to announce the completion of 6 successful months by this blog.

For most of us the year 2008 was a struggling phase, it may be the time when we passed out of college and faced the drills of a new job. It may be the time we had to move out of the city, met new people, learned a new language and made new friends. Most of you would agree if I said that we were really struggling to get the days by when we were at the new job. If we could recall the last few months, it was the time we where starting to settle when suddenly we where hit by the recession. We again had to keep struggling to survive in the current job.

Peace of mind can be guaranteed only when we have started to settle. In a highly volatile and changing situation it’s hardly to stay focused and keep chasing your dreams. We loose consistency, sometimes our mind keeps bothering us “should I persist with my goals?”, we loose motivation and finally our dreams get shattered.

We can console ourselves telling that the year 2008 was a character building year, with lots of learning’s and lots of don’t-do points learned. We can keep track of these to build a fortune in the upcoming 2009. At least we can convince ourselves those will work out – hopefully!

I believe that there are some resolutions that we must take, come what may, to ensure our growth as an individual as well as in a society.

Perseverance: No matter what, people who persist stay – others perish. We need to attune our minds to be stubborn with our goals. After all if you achieve your goals, will it not be the best reward the almighty can give you.

Hope: Crisis and pitfalls happen most of the time, success is a rarity. But the value of success is rated higher to the tough times you have gone through. So to live with your head up, even though you are on a sinking ship, you need to have hope.

Quality of Relationship: You need to be amidst the people whom you believe are the best. They should be able to accompany you to your dreams rather than shattering it. Recently we had a school reunion; I met many of my friends after 5 years. They where the people I used to be with for 12 long years. The reunion made me aware of how negligent I had been in keeping contacts with them. The wonderful time I had there was more than enough to convince me about the quality of relationship you should maintain.

7 years or 10,000 hours is what it takes to be the best in any field. It will take you that long to be the elite 10% in your field. You don’t have a choice in the years that you grow; 7 years from now, you will be elder by 7 years – what matters is whether you are in top 10% or broke! So for those of you, who haven’t thought to be the best, let this New Year be the best occasion for the same. We can assure you when you step out in faith you will be a sure shot success by 2016. [Courtesy: Flight Plan –Brian Tracy].

Just like the mistake I made in not maintaining the relation I had with my school mates, most of us must have made some mistakes or the other. Let this New Year be the occasion to right the wrongs and may it shower on us all the fruits of our benefits.

Thanks again to keep me posted of your suggestions and comments of these writings. My heart felt regards for your continuing support and helpfulness. I expect for the same going forward >>