Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Power of positive intent...

Most often we see that winners continue to win and losers continue to lose, in every endeavor they take up. Thus the saying “Winning is a habit; so is losing”. We can attribute this phenomenon to the power of positive intent. People, who have tuned into a rhythm of achieving, continue to achieve owing to their powerful intent to win. 

    This concept struck me as new, when I heard it from a very successful person at a seminar last week. The fact is that all of us would have experienced the power of positive intent, but aren't aware of it. Only when we counsel with a person who is an achiever, do we realize this fact. We all are achievers when it comes to getting what we want. We all had worked hard and acquired admission in a college of our choice. We then coached ourselves for recruitment into a reputable firm. These are actually our set of achievements, but not the kind that we could place in our resumes’ and so we take them for granted.

     Just like the power of positive intent could help you succeed in life, so can the power of negative intent make you a loser. People, who have little or no education, wouldn’t have dealt with either of the two. So it’s easy for them to go on and become top achievers. That could be the reason why the most successful people are mostly college dropouts. These people experimented with their lives and were led by their gut feeling. That may not be possible for all of us. People who are already into a profession need to utilize the power of positive intent to turn millionaires and billionaires. They cannot quit their job and start an endeavor to turn successful. Instead, they should plan carefully and create assets to become rich. 

     “The ability to pump yourself with positives and blessings when the entire world is giving you a bad image, rejection and failures – is the power of positive intent”. It may be simply expressed but is actually tough to contain. Its really tough to come back and perform with confidence each time you are rejected. Most people remain unsuccessful because of their self limiting intentions. If you learn how to fill yourselves with positives, then you will not remain mediocre. Learn this at an young age, you will have a bright future. 

   People with ordinary thoughts never become extraordinary. People who have accomplished extraordinary feats were ordinary people, but with extraordinary thoughts. Similarly to become rich, we need to have rich thoughts. It’s not possible to become rich by thinking mediocre thoughts. This is the reason to why any amount of money given to a poor person only makes him poorer than richer. There has not been any reported cases of a person winning a lottery, hitting the billionaires list consecutively – rich thoughts are required to earn money as well as to maintain them. 

   Now don't waste your time by spending it on activities that spoil your energy. Be committed to something that will benefit you as well as the society. As my friend said “If your commitment is deeper than sea and if dreams are higher than sky ..then your future is brighter than sun..”

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Life is very simple…Lets not complicate it.

Just like the saying goes "You can't teach an old dog new tricks", it's seemingly impossible to explain to aged people how simple is life. As man progresses in age he gains in experience but compromises his flexibility. He judges an opportunity through his experience rather than by logical reasoning or facts furnished.
The younger we are, the less conditioned we are to the real world. Most of you may agree that the real world is dirty and smeared with slander. But all things in this world are not false, are not thorns, are not ditches and pit falls; just like the two sides of a coin, there is a brighter side to life. Life may have many good and bad anecdotes. If you look at in a bad way you get bad things. Mostly people forget to enjoy the small goodies that life brings in.
I got into business while I was at college. There were numerous road blocks and obstacles, which would at times overwhelm me. But I knew I had to face these to achieve success. Most people think about the road blocks and obstacles and plan strategies to overcome them - this they do without stepping into the business; This is like sitting in your car parked in the garage and wishing that all the cars moved out of the road, so that you could make your way out. I'm not saying that I am highly successful, but I know I could deal with the roadblocks and obstacles in a better manner.
During a casual talk an uncle of mine said "Whenever something new and rewarding is introduced in the market, people of the lowest class fail to understand what's its all about due to the lack of education. The rich are quick in grabbing it and carving a fortune out of it. Now the middle class people learn and research about these, gossip and ultimately admit that the plan is actually profitable but never get into it". Interesting right? Middle class people form the backbone of our country. They even outnumber the population of United States. But they are the class of people who don't wish to change. They end up living mediocre lives, because no one is mentoring them to get better.
My uncle continued to say, "All these festivals and celebrations exist just because of the middle class. For the poor and daily wage labourers, every day is the same. They don't have any savings and end their day with a bottle of liquor. For the rich - every day is a celebration; they can do whatever they think of doing because they have the financial freedom. For the middle class, they need to get a bonus as well as a leave for celebrations like Onam, Vishu, Ugadhi etc to be with their loved ones". It's sad but more or less true?
Well, the middle class aren't willing to change, but the economy is fast changing. Now since India is still a developing country, the major chunk of population belong to the middle class. But as the country develops, people either become richer or poorer. The middle class will slowly shrink. Those people who row with the tide become rich and famous while those who don't understand the change will be pushed down. This is how its like in the American and European countries.
I met a guy yesterday to present a business plan and he came up with a million doubts after a 15 minute presentation of mine. Shocked, I asked him "Why do you want to complicate things? Why do you worry so much when its so very simple?" He replied "I was in another business, I lost my money, my reputation and lots more". He was like the cat that fell in hot water, doubting everything that came his way. I did not have an explanation to give him, but "Man, I don't know how bad things are outside. I am with a company that's 50 years old, a company that has upheld its principles, values and ethics, a $8.2billion company. I feel I'm lucky that I got into the right industry, with the right people to bring goodness into this society".
It's a dream for all of us to retire at the earliest, spent time with family, contribute to charity and help others to achieve their dreams. Now tell me, is there an industry that could help the middle class to improve their lifestyle, recruit people even at times of recession, give financial securities to many and help a lot of families lead healthier lives. That is exactly what the wellness industry is all about. It is the next big revolution that is going to be mightier than the IT industry by well over 1000 times. Try how much ever you cant close your eyes in the light of this glaring truth. Like every other fact, it will be first ridiculed, then violently opposed and then accepted as being self evident.
If you believe you can prosper by helping others prosper, drop every thing and get into it and lead your way, we are with you !

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Million Dollar Habits..

Just like the laws of physics is applicable to all moving bodies, so is it applicable to the human mind. Now you would have heard me define the new laws of momentum = skill X speed of using the skill, just like that the law of inertia is very well applicable to the human mind.
          The laws of inertia states that any body will continue in its state of rest or motion unless acted by external force. Human minds also have some inertia in overcoming changes or addiction. Over these years the experts call it by the name HABIT. Our habit is what we develop through the years and later that develops us.
          Its the same habit that wakes up in the morning, prepares us for school, college or work and then help us retire to bed. Its the same habit that builds our relationship, acquaintance, work, business and politics. If we change our habit we can change the way we live, work, spend time with our loved ones and prosper.  Just like the inertia acting on a body, our minds has a natural tendency to oppose the changes.
          Now the law states that you can alter the state of rest or motion by an external force, similarly what is the external force that is capable of changing our habits – it’s the power of inspiration, or motivation. Only motivated class can work longer, harder and smarter and prosper. People who do lack motivation; work for the sake of working. These people are like parasites to any organisation hindering its growth.
          Now why should we change our habits? And why is it really necessary to get the daily dosage of motivation? We all know that its our thoughts that become words, words become action, action becomes habit and habit become our character. Now if we need to change our character, we need to start changing our thoughts. Most necessarily we need to inculcate in us the MILLION DOLLAR HABITS if ever we need to live a life above mediocrity. Now let me explain this – Making a living today is not tough, but living above the average is tough. Our govt: over these years has helped ordinary people make their living, through many schemes, plans and reservation systems. So having a middle class life is not that tough for people who are educated and hardworking. But to live a life od magnificence is not that easy.
          We all know out of every 100 of us only 1 will become rich. Now why does this happen this way when we are all working hard to the same magnitude? Its because of the habits the rich has inculcated in him that makes him win every adversity he faces. Now what are the million dollar habits? And how can we put them into practice?
  • Define your goals clearly.
  • You can change by changing the way you think.
  • Life gets better as you get better.
  • You are responsible in uplifting your society.
  • Every action of yours should be preceded by an equivalent plan.
  • Find out how to utilize your non-productive time.
  • Be committed to the cause that made you what you are today.
  • Consistently persist and have faith.
Nothing great is ever achieved by consistently persisting. Every leader, winner was powered by the true spirit of inspiration and motivation. It’s the motivation that gave them the courage to persist when people with them perished, and eventually made them a winner.
  See none of us decide to be poor, none wants to be a failure, but believe that it’s the habits that we develop over the years that make us fail the battle everyday. Learn to win by changing the habit, then it will be a truly different world. Remember when you contribute to prosperity you will prosper in turn.
When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds: your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction and you will find yourself in a new, great wonderful world. Dormant forces faculties and talent become alive and you discover yourselves to be a greater person than you ever dreamed yourself to be…

Thursday, April 09, 2009

I am a born salesman..

You can be proud to speak these words; anytime, anywhere since sales is the most challenging, yet rewarding profession. Most people look down upon salespersons, not realizing the power they possess. In doing so we simply are not accepting the truth that we are all born salesmen. An infant need not be given a sales training to get whatever he needs. A kid knows how to sell himself to get a new toy or freebie. But as we advance in age, we look down upon the entire aspect of sales and salespeople.
Lets take some time to analyse why salespeople are not amongst the most respected in our society. If you are educated, have a professional degree in engineering, medicine, law or any other subject and I ask you to get out and sell soaps from door to door, would you do it? – NO, not in a 1000 years even if I promise to give you $1,000,000 for the sales you make. The degree you have in hand is an albatross around your neck, demanding you to work in some reputed firm and not be seen selling some product from door to door.
     We all have this ego popping up and telling us – man you are educated, don't ever even think of being in the sales profession; that is something the less qualified are supposed to do. Let me tell you my friend, marketing and sales are among the world's most rewarding professions. 99.99% of all billionaires in the world have a sales background and of these 85% are school dropouts. The educated people in the world are leading a mediocre life with nil savings and pocketful of liabilities.
     Even if you are an employee working under someone, you are indirectly involved with sales. Take the example of a computer engineer. He graduates from college and satisfies his ego with a high paying IT job. He does coding and develops software. The software is sold for $1mn and he is paid 30000. The techie is happy so is the organisation hiring him and he is still under the impression that he is not in the sales profession. Anyone is ready to pay us the direct commission on the sales you make, but the very aspect of facing rejections and hearing no's and following up people makes us think its wise to take up a regular job. The unfortunate part is, your career will end up as an employee or as a self-employee if you do not understand the value of sales. There are a hell lot of people around you taking your time, freedom and energy to get their work done, don't fall for it - demand more, get into a sales profession you will get to know what I am speaking off.
      In our society we find that the person who takes up a sales job is the one who is denied all other job opportunities. Now he does not have an option but to perform, to keep his family alive. Gradually he learns the system, people, economy, commerce and wonderful experiences with sales. To me this is more valuable than the classroom MBA degree. We all should be proud of the salesperson in us, respect it and nurture it - if you aspire to become financially independent someday.
    Sales is a skill and like any other skill it has to be learned. The question is - Are you teachable and self-driven? Factually speaking sales is not the art of selling something but the art of making the prospect buy something. Sales is the art of making the customer aware of the benefits or services of a product or service and following up on that on a regular basis. If you can convince the prospect on this, then the sales is closed. This is all it takes; there is no rocket science involved in sales.
   Ever since the birth of barter system to the modern e-commerce - sales is the most rewarding profession ever known. Some people forget the laws of nature and try to make new laws and Principles for themselves. If we have to become rich, we need to reach out and touch millions of families and follow them up on a regular basis. Never ever think one is going to become a millionaire by taking up a respectful job. This is why not even 2% of Harvard MBA graduates are rich.
    Keep in mind if you contribute to prosperity you will prosper inturn. I am proud to be a salesman just as ever; aware of the hardships and criticism the society throws on me. But the feeling is amazing when you give someone a vision, rebuild and recreate his or her career and destiny. Time has come for you to take up a sales vocation or training if at all you aspire to become millionaires or billionaires. When you get in to sales, make sure you are getting in with the right product. Otherwise it will be like trying to sell something as obsolete as a typewriter or landline phone now. When there is a revolution, ride on it...

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Meeting New People....Something out of syllabus…

Meeting new people is an activity, that, only a very few of us get to do. Let me describe to you why this topic is very fascinating and one that is mostly missed out of our lives. We generally miss out on this crucial aspect because we get carried away by our work and workplace politics to the extent that our friend’s circle narrows down to our colleagues, spouse’s friends, parents’ friends and perhaps some selected relatives. If we work in the banking sector, its almost sure that our friends will also belong to the same sector. It’s totally out of syllabus to have long lasting relationships with people from the retail sector. Let’s have a look at why things are this way.
A few years back we all had good friends from school, college or from our early years of career. Then somewhere down the lane, we lost contact with many of them. What we often fail to keep is this circle of old friends. It is not something to be blamed on anyone. As we get busy with our lives we don’t take pains to find time to keep up with our friends from a different background. People in the IT, Insurance, Banking, Manufacturing sector complain lack of time to even cater to their own families needs. 
   The only time we spend time, building some good relationship is at the office, where we are all birds of the same feather. We, naturally, get attracted to people from the same sector as we share a set of common grievances and complaints. For e.g.: people from the IT segment always complain they don’t have time for anything they want. When they see someone sharing the same pain they are happy and become great friends. It’s all in our state of mind that we are willing to suffer when all other people around us are suffering too. Something called as piggy-backing i.e. friendship formed on sharing the same set of accusation. 
      As years pass by we tend to forget the people who helped us in the early stages of our lives, our friends at school and college and gradually we get isolated, confining ourselves only to work and family. It is to overcome this isolation that we have organizations like Rotary club, YMCA and other clubs, which help us meet people from different background and share the positive aspects of lives – not just injustice and grievances. But such clubs are often the rendezvous of the elite classes. We maybe employees of some highly reputed firm, but it takes much more than that to get a membership at these clubs. Of course, a lot of you may already be members, thanks to your parents’ reputation. 
  We should always strive to be with a group of people who belong to a different sector from ours, the advantage being that, you will generally talk only good things about your organization so as to create a good impression on the listener regarding your work and work-environment.  
  Ever since I’ve started engaging myself in some social activities, by associating closely with the Winners Dream Team, I’ve made friends with a wide range of people, some of them being, a Criminal Lawyer practicing in the High Court, the marketing officer of a leading newspaper, an Executive Officer in the PWD, the Vice president of a reputed software firm, an Insurance advisor of MetLife, a Leading Entrepreneur who is also Kerala’s Highest personal income tax payee. 
    Apart from sounding so impressive, such an association can work wonders for your growth, not by any personal favors these people may bestow upon you, but by changing the way you think. We start to learn from them, various lessons that’ll help us not only to manage our work better and excel at our workplace, but also lessons that’ll help us lead a fuller life.  
  We should always be on the lookout for the kind of people, associating with whom, would take us to greater heights, the kind of people whose company we not only enjoy, but whose companionship also improves our personality markedly. So, what’s the delay? Let’s go find new people whom we wish to connect with….. Until the next edition, it’s ‘happy connecting’…