Thursday, April 09, 2009

I am a born salesman..

You can be proud to speak these words; anytime, anywhere since sales is the most challenging, yet rewarding profession. Most people look down upon salespersons, not realizing the power they possess. In doing so we simply are not accepting the truth that we are all born salesmen. An infant need not be given a sales training to get whatever he needs. A kid knows how to sell himself to get a new toy or freebie. But as we advance in age, we look down upon the entire aspect of sales and salespeople.
Lets take some time to analyse why salespeople are not amongst the most respected in our society. If you are educated, have a professional degree in engineering, medicine, law or any other subject and I ask you to get out and sell soaps from door to door, would you do it? – NO, not in a 1000 years even if I promise to give you $1,000,000 for the sales you make. The degree you have in hand is an albatross around your neck, demanding you to work in some reputed firm and not be seen selling some product from door to door.
     We all have this ego popping up and telling us – man you are educated, don't ever even think of being in the sales profession; that is something the less qualified are supposed to do. Let me tell you my friend, marketing and sales are among the world's most rewarding professions. 99.99% of all billionaires in the world have a sales background and of these 85% are school dropouts. The educated people in the world are leading a mediocre life with nil savings and pocketful of liabilities.
     Even if you are an employee working under someone, you are indirectly involved with sales. Take the example of a computer engineer. He graduates from college and satisfies his ego with a high paying IT job. He does coding and develops software. The software is sold for $1mn and he is paid 30000. The techie is happy so is the organisation hiring him and he is still under the impression that he is not in the sales profession. Anyone is ready to pay us the direct commission on the sales you make, but the very aspect of facing rejections and hearing no's and following up people makes us think its wise to take up a regular job. The unfortunate part is, your career will end up as an employee or as a self-employee if you do not understand the value of sales. There are a hell lot of people around you taking your time, freedom and energy to get their work done, don't fall for it - demand more, get into a sales profession you will get to know what I am speaking off.
      In our society we find that the person who takes up a sales job is the one who is denied all other job opportunities. Now he does not have an option but to perform, to keep his family alive. Gradually he learns the system, people, economy, commerce and wonderful experiences with sales. To me this is more valuable than the classroom MBA degree. We all should be proud of the salesperson in us, respect it and nurture it - if you aspire to become financially independent someday.
    Sales is a skill and like any other skill it has to be learned. The question is - Are you teachable and self-driven? Factually speaking sales is not the art of selling something but the art of making the prospect buy something. Sales is the art of making the customer aware of the benefits or services of a product or service and following up on that on a regular basis. If you can convince the prospect on this, then the sales is closed. This is all it takes; there is no rocket science involved in sales.
   Ever since the birth of barter system to the modern e-commerce - sales is the most rewarding profession ever known. Some people forget the laws of nature and try to make new laws and Principles for themselves. If we have to become rich, we need to reach out and touch millions of families and follow them up on a regular basis. Never ever think one is going to become a millionaire by taking up a respectful job. This is why not even 2% of Harvard MBA graduates are rich.
    Keep in mind if you contribute to prosperity you will prosper inturn. I am proud to be a salesman just as ever; aware of the hardships and criticism the society throws on me. But the feeling is amazing when you give someone a vision, rebuild and recreate his or her career and destiny. Time has come for you to take up a sales vocation or training if at all you aspire to become millionaires or billionaires. When you get in to sales, make sure you are getting in with the right product. Otherwise it will be like trying to sell something as obsolete as a typewriter or landline phone now. When there is a revolution, ride on it...

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