Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Life is very simple…Lets not complicate it.

Just like the saying goes "You can't teach an old dog new tricks", it's seemingly impossible to explain to aged people how simple is life. As man progresses in age he gains in experience but compromises his flexibility. He judges an opportunity through his experience rather than by logical reasoning or facts furnished.
The younger we are, the less conditioned we are to the real world. Most of you may agree that the real world is dirty and smeared with slander. But all things in this world are not false, are not thorns, are not ditches and pit falls; just like the two sides of a coin, there is a brighter side to life. Life may have many good and bad anecdotes. If you look at in a bad way you get bad things. Mostly people forget to enjoy the small goodies that life brings in.
I got into business while I was at college. There were numerous road blocks and obstacles, which would at times overwhelm me. But I knew I had to face these to achieve success. Most people think about the road blocks and obstacles and plan strategies to overcome them - this they do without stepping into the business; This is like sitting in your car parked in the garage and wishing that all the cars moved out of the road, so that you could make your way out. I'm not saying that I am highly successful, but I know I could deal with the roadblocks and obstacles in a better manner.
During a casual talk an uncle of mine said "Whenever something new and rewarding is introduced in the market, people of the lowest class fail to understand what's its all about due to the lack of education. The rich are quick in grabbing it and carving a fortune out of it. Now the middle class people learn and research about these, gossip and ultimately admit that the plan is actually profitable but never get into it". Interesting right? Middle class people form the backbone of our country. They even outnumber the population of United States. But they are the class of people who don't wish to change. They end up living mediocre lives, because no one is mentoring them to get better.
My uncle continued to say, "All these festivals and celebrations exist just because of the middle class. For the poor and daily wage labourers, every day is the same. They don't have any savings and end their day with a bottle of liquor. For the rich - every day is a celebration; they can do whatever they think of doing because they have the financial freedom. For the middle class, they need to get a bonus as well as a leave for celebrations like Onam, Vishu, Ugadhi etc to be with their loved ones". It's sad but more or less true?
Well, the middle class aren't willing to change, but the economy is fast changing. Now since India is still a developing country, the major chunk of population belong to the middle class. But as the country develops, people either become richer or poorer. The middle class will slowly shrink. Those people who row with the tide become rich and famous while those who don't understand the change will be pushed down. This is how its like in the American and European countries.
I met a guy yesterday to present a business plan and he came up with a million doubts after a 15 minute presentation of mine. Shocked, I asked him "Why do you want to complicate things? Why do you worry so much when its so very simple?" He replied "I was in another business, I lost my money, my reputation and lots more". He was like the cat that fell in hot water, doubting everything that came his way. I did not have an explanation to give him, but "Man, I don't know how bad things are outside. I am with a company that's 50 years old, a company that has upheld its principles, values and ethics, a $8.2billion company. I feel I'm lucky that I got into the right industry, with the right people to bring goodness into this society".
It's a dream for all of us to retire at the earliest, spent time with family, contribute to charity and help others to achieve their dreams. Now tell me, is there an industry that could help the middle class to improve their lifestyle, recruit people even at times of recession, give financial securities to many and help a lot of families lead healthier lives. That is exactly what the wellness industry is all about. It is the next big revolution that is going to be mightier than the IT industry by well over 1000 times. Try how much ever you cant close your eyes in the light of this glaring truth. Like every other fact, it will be first ridiculed, then violently opposed and then accepted as being self evident.
If you believe you can prosper by helping others prosper, drop every thing and get into it and lead your way, we are with you !

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