Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Meeting New People....Something out of syllabus…

Meeting new people is an activity, that, only a very few of us get to do. Let me describe to you why this topic is very fascinating and one that is mostly missed out of our lives. We generally miss out on this crucial aspect because we get carried away by our work and workplace politics to the extent that our friend’s circle narrows down to our colleagues, spouse’s friends, parents’ friends and perhaps some selected relatives. If we work in the banking sector, its almost sure that our friends will also belong to the same sector. It’s totally out of syllabus to have long lasting relationships with people from the retail sector. Let’s have a look at why things are this way.
A few years back we all had good friends from school, college or from our early years of career. Then somewhere down the lane, we lost contact with many of them. What we often fail to keep is this circle of old friends. It is not something to be blamed on anyone. As we get busy with our lives we don’t take pains to find time to keep up with our friends from a different background. People in the IT, Insurance, Banking, Manufacturing sector complain lack of time to even cater to their own families needs. 
   The only time we spend time, building some good relationship is at the office, where we are all birds of the same feather. We, naturally, get attracted to people from the same sector as we share a set of common grievances and complaints. For e.g.: people from the IT segment always complain they don’t have time for anything they want. When they see someone sharing the same pain they are happy and become great friends. It’s all in our state of mind that we are willing to suffer when all other people around us are suffering too. Something called as piggy-backing i.e. friendship formed on sharing the same set of accusation. 
      As years pass by we tend to forget the people who helped us in the early stages of our lives, our friends at school and college and gradually we get isolated, confining ourselves only to work and family. It is to overcome this isolation that we have organizations like Rotary club, YMCA and other clubs, which help us meet people from different background and share the positive aspects of lives – not just injustice and grievances. But such clubs are often the rendezvous of the elite classes. We maybe employees of some highly reputed firm, but it takes much more than that to get a membership at these clubs. Of course, a lot of you may already be members, thanks to your parents’ reputation. 
  We should always strive to be with a group of people who belong to a different sector from ours, the advantage being that, you will generally talk only good things about your organization so as to create a good impression on the listener regarding your work and work-environment.  
  Ever since I’ve started engaging myself in some social activities, by associating closely with the Winners Dream Team, I’ve made friends with a wide range of people, some of them being, a Criminal Lawyer practicing in the High Court, the marketing officer of a leading newspaper, an Executive Officer in the PWD, the Vice president of a reputed software firm, an Insurance advisor of MetLife, a Leading Entrepreneur who is also Kerala’s Highest personal income tax payee. 
    Apart from sounding so impressive, such an association can work wonders for your growth, not by any personal favors these people may bestow upon you, but by changing the way you think. We start to learn from them, various lessons that’ll help us not only to manage our work better and excel at our workplace, but also lessons that’ll help us lead a fuller life.  
  We should always be on the lookout for the kind of people, associating with whom, would take us to greater heights, the kind of people whose company we not only enjoy, but whose companionship also improves our personality markedly. So, what’s the delay? Let’s go find new people whom we wish to connect with….. Until the next edition, it’s ‘happy connecting’…

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