Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Power of positive intent...

Most often we see that winners continue to win and losers continue to lose, in every endeavor they take up. Thus the saying “Winning is a habit; so is losing”. We can attribute this phenomenon to the power of positive intent. People, who have tuned into a rhythm of achieving, continue to achieve owing to their powerful intent to win. 

    This concept struck me as new, when I heard it from a very successful person at a seminar last week. The fact is that all of us would have experienced the power of positive intent, but aren't aware of it. Only when we counsel with a person who is an achiever, do we realize this fact. We all are achievers when it comes to getting what we want. We all had worked hard and acquired admission in a college of our choice. We then coached ourselves for recruitment into a reputable firm. These are actually our set of achievements, but not the kind that we could place in our resumes’ and so we take them for granted.

     Just like the power of positive intent could help you succeed in life, so can the power of negative intent make you a loser. People, who have little or no education, wouldn’t have dealt with either of the two. So it’s easy for them to go on and become top achievers. That could be the reason why the most successful people are mostly college dropouts. These people experimented with their lives and were led by their gut feeling. That may not be possible for all of us. People who are already into a profession need to utilize the power of positive intent to turn millionaires and billionaires. They cannot quit their job and start an endeavor to turn successful. Instead, they should plan carefully and create assets to become rich. 

     “The ability to pump yourself with positives and blessings when the entire world is giving you a bad image, rejection and failures – is the power of positive intent”. It may be simply expressed but is actually tough to contain. Its really tough to come back and perform with confidence each time you are rejected. Most people remain unsuccessful because of their self limiting intentions. If you learn how to fill yourselves with positives, then you will not remain mediocre. Learn this at an young age, you will have a bright future. 

   People with ordinary thoughts never become extraordinary. People who have accomplished extraordinary feats were ordinary people, but with extraordinary thoughts. Similarly to become rich, we need to have rich thoughts. It’s not possible to become rich by thinking mediocre thoughts. This is the reason to why any amount of money given to a poor person only makes him poorer than richer. There has not been any reported cases of a person winning a lottery, hitting the billionaires list consecutively – rich thoughts are required to earn money as well as to maintain them. 

   Now don't waste your time by spending it on activities that spoil your energy. Be committed to something that will benefit you as well as the society. As my friend said “If your commitment is deeper than sea and if dreams are higher than sky ..then your future is brighter than sun..”

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