Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Everything that goes down can come up...

Everything that goes up must come down. You must have heard this simple explanation of gravity by Sir. Issac Newton. His discovery of gravitational force was a breakthrough in physics since the most elementary laws of physics are based on the so-called gravity. It is the force of gravity that brings any object that is thrown up, back to earth. Now that made me curious of the converse. Could there exist a force that could bring up something that has gone down.
It is a real pleasure to study the human mind in view with the laws of physics. My definition of momentum was a result of such musings. Hopefully you might get excited hearing the mind power equivalent of FORCE.
As we discussed earlier, gravity is the force that attracts any object to the center of the earth. Although not felt, gravity is the most powerful force after the force of electrostatic attraction/repulsion. Now applying the converse of gravitational force to human mind, is there a force that elevates our mind above dampened spirits? Yes, there is and it’s called “Motivation”. Fascinating, right?
When our esteem and confidence goes down, we require an external force to help us bounce back again - that is exactly what power of motivation does. Motivation may be regarded as the human minds equivalent to the force of gravity. Highly powerful but largely unnoticed. We all have been in some tough situations - frustrated, tensed, angry or even depressed. When we are in such a paralyzing state what we lose is our self-esteem, confidence and hope. But people who bounce back in real life actually use the power of motivation.
The force called motivation is very powerful; it can work for you or against. It’s like a two edged sword; you can kill or get killed by the same. Motivation is the main factor that make people go up the corporate ladder and it’s the same power that keep people at the bottom.
A lot of people confuse motivation with internal drive. They say they don’t want any motivation, nor do they want to listen to a motivational speaker. They know what they’re doing, and know how to handle life. God has made us powerful enough to overcome the challenges we face everyday, but there may also be problems that baffle us and for which we’re unable to find any solution at all.
In such situations, we need to counsel with an expert, who can advice us on what and how to do. A doctor visits another doctor for a routine check up not because he can’t do it by himself, but there are chances that he may overlook a lot of possibilities. The best person to motivate us is our closest friend. He can point out our mistakes very clearly without the fear of hurting us.
Motivation is not something that we require once in a year or just before setting our goals for the quarterly appraisal and promotion. Motivation is a daily activity just like brushing your teeth daily. Is the force of gravity ever absent for a day? So then why should our opposing force to negativity be absent?
Over the last two years with my interaction with various people, I’ve seen that some of them just dont like to be motivated. They dont wish to pump in positives, even when situations around them are such that drain their energy. They wish to be like a log of wood in water. Dr. David J Schwartz in his book “The Magic of Thinking BIG” explains people like the log of wood are the ‘Me too’ categories. They do well when times are good, just like lot of my friends who entered the stock trading when all was well, but when tough times come they fall behind whilst the smart ones make their presence felt.
Motivation is something that can remove the negative energies from your system. If negative forces pull you down and keep you from attempting something, the power of motivation can help you overcome it and fly to glory. Motivation is nothing but the surge of positive energy like love, care, affection, self-realization etc. The more positive you are, the more the negatives you’ll be able to overcome.
If you are genuinely interested in helping others, you become a motivator by nature. There is no better way to help others, than by giving them love, hope and affection. Hopefully you can make a difference in your life by subscribing to the world of motivation

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