Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Faith can move mountains for real...

Reading through the great holy books of all time and the wonderful message they convey about faith, it sounds much exaggerated when they say “Faith can move mountains”. I simply could not accept that faith could make the impossible, possible, until recently. What changed my perspective was an audio program that pointed out that faith is just not to move mountains but to do a lot of other things as well.
Faith is the power to persist. Can u think of a simpler, yet convincing definition than this? Faith is really the power that helps you continue to do what you are doing now. Faith is just not the love of god or the love for god. It is the vitamin that let’s you persevere.
We have heard people say that faith can work wonders. Ever wondered how? It is the element that urges you to get out and start hunting for your success. It is the reason why people, in spite of the innumerous rejections and setbacks they face, come back again and perform. It is the reason as to why even when the entire world is against you – you still stand for what you believe in. We have heard of the stories of Socrates, Aristotle, Galileo and many more – who were rejected by people around them when they told the truth. After 4000 years we don’t remember the names of the people who were against them – but we certainly do remember these heroes for their faith.
Relating this to the present day scenario, I think this should give us enough relief when some one rejects us when we come up with an idea to change their financial destiny. Success is not denied to the person who strongly believes that he deserves it. People who have faith in them and Almighty will not be denied success, however delayed the gratification might be.
If we closely analyse any success story, it is always a mixture of failures, bad times, financial struggles, crisis and lot more sad stuffs. Just like a coal under tremendous pressure and heat transforms to a beautiful gem called Diamond, I believe these hurdles are very essential to transform yourselves into a better person. Can you lead a team of 5000 people right now with the skill sets you’ve right now? I really doubt it. Someday when you’ll head an organization, you’ll need to have the skills to communicate, motivate and inspire the mass. Now if you wish to do that someday in your lives, here is what you can do today.
1. Learn to become a leader by changing yourselves gradually.
2. You will be able to do the same to 1 or 2 of your friends or relatives.
3. You continue doing it, and after sometime you might be addressing 40-50 families.
4. Certainly after a while, you will be helping and benefiting more than a 1000 families.
If you dream to build a company of your own, you need to get started. You need to refine your skills, define your goals and targets and obviously have faith in what you’re doing. The example I quoted was no exaggeration; you need to have around 5000 people with you, to set up a sustaining business. For those who think this is impossible, continue doing what you are doing now, because you’ll never get anywhere without faith.
Fortune favours those who work with commitment. In this information age, when a lot many people are losing their jobs and income (predicted by leading economists in 2003-04), entrepreneurship is the name of the game. People who are self-sufficient will ride the tide, for the others it’s like a Tsunami that will sweep away their lifestyles.
It will not be a mistake to say that, there is a power greater than yourself that decides when to favour you with results and achievements; until then have faith and persist.

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