Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Guaranteed recipes to fail...

There are certain things in this world to which we cannot attach a guarantee card, say happiness, love, friendship, affection, hatred, anger and frustration. All these may be counted as emotions or state of the mind, which may even be temporary .i.e. it can be changed by external forces and incidents. And there are others which come with a guarantee; say the TV that comes with a 5 year guarantee or the refrigerator or the air conditioner or the mobile phone or anything that we get to buy in the market.
        Almost all manufactured products are offered a guarantee, be it 5 years or 5000 hours or 2 lakh kilometers. All man-made things can be given a surety, while almost all god given gifts cannot. This is the reason as to why we cannot guarantee we’ll be happy even when we earn $1,000,000,000. Who knows, we might be happier as a poor man.
        I have heard people state that successes and failures are states of mind and that we have the ability to switch between success and failure. The explanation, I can think of for this, is that both successes and failures are manufactured products that can be bought from the market just like the way we buy a TV for a price. Some people choose to win and the others choose to loose, its not that failure happens automatically – its that they choose to loose. Now thats something very hard to accept, so let me try to convince you.
        Failure and success come with a guarantee card that lasts till you buy the next product. If you buy success now, you can continue enjoying successes till you buy another failure product. Now it is very easy to merge the god given products (like love, happiness, affection) with the success product and those like anger, frustration, and hatred with the failure products.

If we learn as to what will make us fail, we may/can refrain from doing it.
1.     Your brain can have n number of earning skills (like painting, singing, accounting, marketing etc), but if you don’t identify as to what you are good at – you can fail.
2.     You can be in the wrong business – like trying to sell type writers in this fast, hi-tech age.
3.     You can be in the right business but at the wrong time – like trying to start an IT industry in these times of recession.
4.     You can be in the right business but with the wrong people – like trying to build a tourism industry with all your partners being doctors.
5.     You are unaware that you are in the right business now – like it happened to millions of people in the 80’s when they were in distribution business and quit half way.
6.     You dont have a mentor to help and guide you.
7.     You are a pessimist – you always expect everything to go wrong, and so it does.
8.     You are a quitter – you give up when you are just 3 feet from gold.
9.     You find excuses and whine for not hitting the target. The more negative you are, the more the chances are that you’ll fail.
10. You don’t let the seed of success to sprout. You are impatient when it takes long to get the results.

I am not quite sure if success is the opposite to failure, but quite sure that success can be bought by deciding not to fail. The guarantee of success is just one sentence “To be in the right business at the right time with the right kind of resources”. If you don’t believe it still, you can ask any winner.
        Remember there are 5 crore financially independent families in India. Are you one among them ? Do you have it in you to be one among the next 100 new millionaires in the country?


  1. Great Post Balu...But i felt like Im reading another 'you can win' or motivational write-up.
    I am a person who loves to object to things and stimulate a discussion on the topic(Devil's Advocate...:-D).So my question is "Do we choose to Lose" if not everytime atleast sometimes...Yes We Do!Life is a balance of relationships,achievement, Career, Happiness, Relaxation and what not!The weightage of each of these things is indirectly decided by us(many times deliberately or by chance)..There are hardly anyone who can be the best in all..Which means if we are winning we have already lost in something else...:-D...This is little weird...In the economics perspective when we chose to do something we have already forgone something else of value!!!
    Food for thought rite?
    So does winning means Loosing(Something)....??

  2. I will give you a small real world example...I'm buying a car...I love Hondas engine refinement and finally i bought my new Honda City iVtec..After a week i happened to travel in a Fiat Palio 1.6 Sport (5 lacs onroad)...It seems like Honda City looses left right and center in terms of driving pleasure compared to Palio.I choose to win(Engine Refinement) But happened to loose(Driving Pleasure) as no car has both!!!

  3. Wonderful perspective...

    I really appreciate the way you stroked a balance b/w life, money, relations, relaxations etc...

    Winning is not necessarily making lots of money and finding ways to spend it...

    Your concept of winning might be to be a good husband or son or a brother. Or it might be to become a man of service to the society.

    You can never fail if you win in something.. Think about it !!!

    Cheers !

  4. Life is not to be seen as a compromise...

    Your desire to own a honda city or palio was temporary... you might change the perspective when you drive the Skoda Superb 3.6 4X4 (27 L) - Life cannot be seen that way.

    Happiness is a progressive realization to your goal.. No amount of materialistic things can help us achieve it.

  5. Baluuu...Do we need to win everytime is another topic...
    I need to win everytime sounds like "My product should be bought by all customers"
    I run a company which makes products for a specific target market(Youth, age 21-31, ethinicity: American white; income: >100,000 p.a). which means i have choose to win the market share in the specific target market in US, which means that i have already lost people of age less than 21 and above 31(whatever the end result may be)....
    So when we choose to win, Do we choose to lose also simultaneously...I think thats quite correct as time and resources are limited for a person/organization...

  6. Thats right..

    Winning is not always Holistic.. and you cant win in all things..

    but the truth is that you are a "WINNER" even if you make a fortune selling products for 21-31. People see you that way !

    Just imagine, can Bill Gates can be of any help to the tea vendor, who chooses not to use a COMPUTER ??

  7. Thanks Balu....
    "Happiness is a progressive realization to your goal"Great words...But I'm yet to decide my goals i suppose...Goal realization itself is taking time for me..Lets see..
    Good Discussion!!!