Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Relationship is the key...

The most lacking yet the most valued attribute in our life, these days is relationship. Until a few years ago people had the time to be with one another, care for them and fall in love with their personalities. We had the time to stick by our friends in their times of need, so were they with us, during our tough times. A few years back everyone knew you, your family background and we knew them and their family people too. Most of our neighbours were our friends that we didn’t need to have a wall to keep away from them. We loved their company and cheer and they had the freedom to approach us, any time of the day. 
Nowadays we’ve isolated ourselves from everyone by building tall fences and locking the gates so that our privacy is not encroached upon, by peeping neighbours. Our work culture is such that not only do we have no time for our family, but we also fail to maintain relationships within our social circle. Due to the restrictions on time we refrain to participate in social activities, help our friends or relatives in some crisis or even simply maintain contact with them. We call up people only when we need help. Have we ever thought of calling up someone to ask “may I help you”?
We are not to be blamed. Had we had the time, we would have cared more and stood by each other in times of need. Lets closely look at the life of a typical nuclear family. The Father goes to work @ 8.00AM, comes back home @ 7.00 PM. Mostly the Mother will be an employee too who leaves for work @ 7.00 AM to return @ 5.00 PM. Now the kid will be with the grandparents or if the kid is school going, they get a maid to sent him to school @ 8.00AM and bring him back from school @ 4.00 PM. Now lets see the quality time a man spends with his wife and kid – hardly 3 hours (neglecting sleep). What if he carries home, some left over work from office??? 
This again is a totally helpless situation. No one is to blame; we are all leading this kind of life today. Imagine the case if both the man and woman are software professionals? They probably wouldn’t have the time to have a kid even. Now it’s only natural that no one would bother to find out who one’s neighbors are or what they do. 
Now in the same family, on one fine day when the Father is @ work and working on some important deadline, suppose the Mother falls ill. Whom can he rely on for helping his wife? I have personally seen situations where people can’t apply for a leave so as to help with some household work. All we can do is pray that tough things don’t happen to people who work hard. But again let me tell you, you are not to be blamed. 
The most, most important thing a human wants is recognition, I will bet its not money, lifestyle or things money can buy – but it’s the joy when he gets when his friends applaud him. Corporates like IBM, Walmart and many more recognize this. Would you be happy, when you live in your dream house on a ranch or lake side, with lots of money – but no friends to come? Someone rightly pointed out that man is a social animal, that its when he is in a group that he enjoys the most. Relationship is the key; you first build good relations all else like financial freedom, spare time, more money etc will follow. 
Over the next few decades, the most important attribute that is going to be followed by every individual, society, company, corporate giant, any pvt. Organisation or even the government will be to build cordial relationship with others. People will awaken to be 'High-touch' people even in these times of challenging 'Hi-tech' life. There is nothing short of a guarantee that all 'high-touch' organisations will be ruling the business front in every area of functioning. Let’s estimate more number of people will have more time+money to invest in relations when India grows to super power in 2020.

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