Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The dreams that come true are the ones you uphold daily…

Dreams are those fantasies of ours that are never meant to come true. Yet we hear people talk about "following one’s dreams, so as to achieve success and happiness in life." What we need to realize is that dreams can never be concluding, the moment we have achieved one - a better dream pops out of us. When we have progressed one level, we see that our dreams have progressed two levels.

Dreams, Just like happiness, success are worthwhile when progressively realized .Every one of us have dreams, be it the one we see subconsciously when we sleep or the one we envisage during the daytime. No man has ever succeeded in intentionally stopping himself from dreaming. Experts are of the opinion that, the dreams we see at night are, in fact, the manifestations of our activities during the day.

On the other hand, day-dreams are the manifestations of what we would like to do. They show us the picture of a prospective future, as we want it to be. And these are the ones that will, in reality, manifest itself. Luckily, we have a choice to decide what to dream about and hence what to bring about. I am not quite sure how many of you believe the above statement.

Most achievements were a blueprint initially; and even before it was a blueprint – it was in the hearts of some people. Now when we stand in front of such huge monuments or wonders and think about the person behind it, we must also understand the dream that he had, the courage that he had to follow his heart…

We feel that some people are ‘lucky’ – they get their breaks, get ahead and become world famous and rich. Most others – the ones, whom we entitle ‘unlucky’, starve, live in poverty, and die miserably. Now what could the difference be? Is it because their surroundings and circumstances did not favor their growth, or is it because they did not know how to become a super achiever? You are not the product of your circumstances; you are the product of the choices you make – today, this minute, this second.

There are some laws that are applicable to all human beings, whether he is man, woman, black, white, poor or rich. These laws are called as the universal laws, and it is applicable in all walks of life. There are some resources that all of us have in the same quantity – 24 hours, degree of hope, ability to dream, ability to communicate, throb to socialize. Now, we can have the answer to all the questions if we know how to exploit our priceless possessions to the max.

The higher your dreams, the higher placed you will be in life. Successful people – focus on things that they want in life and unsuccessful people – focus on things that they don’t want. What is it that you really want? The dreams that we see today are going to come true, for sure, tomorrow; we have two choices: either to discard them or to have the courage to follow them.

Just like any powerful entity, dreams can be positive or negative – lets all learn to follow the good dreams, because they are the ones that will earn us goodwill. Make sure you have the same dream every day, let there be focus of energy. Let the dream be so powerful enough to move your subconscious mind. Let the dream be so big to shape your surroundings and circumstances. Let the dream be so good, that it will bring prosperity to millions, not just you alone.

If our ex-president stated “India is becoming a super power by 2020” it has a lot to do with the dreams we carry every day. God knows, maybe it may be one of us topping the Forbes billionaire chart that day. Life’s success never goes to the faster, stronger or the better man – it always goes to the one who thinks he can!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

who can be a mentor ?

Mentor: [men-tawr, -ter] :noun: (1) a wise and trusted counselor or teacher. (2) an influential senior sponsor or supporter. verb (used without object) (3) to act as a mentor: She spent years mentoring to junior employees.
Mentee:[men-tee] : noun: a person who is guided by a mentor.

The dictionary defines a mentor and a mentee in just a few simple words, but that does not give a complete picture of the privileges and power these people have got. A Mentor is someone who gives an honest and wise advice to his/her followers. Of the many followers, the one who grasps his advice and goes ahead to use them are mentees.

All of us may have a mentor, but not necessarily mentees. The reason for this being, "No one is perfect".We are all people who want to bring in perfection, be it in our personality, family relationships, work motivation, earning skill or the way we close sales. So we seek the help of a force greater than us to guide us.

A mentor is someone who hands you a torch, when you approach a dark tunnel. He doesn’t give you a lighted torch; it’s your responsibility to switch on the torch and pass through the tunnel. If a mentor were to take all the decisions for you, then what would be your role?

People usually confuse a mentor and an advisor. The latter is one who gives you a focused approach to do things, say “You need to invest 30,000 in HUL shares so that you can triple your shares”, mostly that they might not have done themselves. Whereas a mentor is someone who gives you a range of advises to gear you up to face the challenges before you, say - “You need to do the right thing, even though the wrong one benefits you the most”. There is nothing wrong even if a mentor says “You need to share your innovative idea with atleast 20 people a week, to become a millionaire” provided he has done it, and he is a millionaire..

I think this is going to hit you hard. You not only confused advisors to mentors, but have always done what the advisors had told you. We can relate this as much as, the advices we give to our peers, colleagues and friends - we might say "do this... ","do that..." but most certainly we might have opened our mouth because of our intutions rather than the existing facts.

Nothing to get disheartened, but there are three things we need to keep in mind.
(1) Don’t give advice to someone, on something that you haven’t accomplished yet.
(2) Don’t take advice from people who are not achievers themselves.
(3) Dont hesitate to follow the mentor, he is the one who has acheived in areas which you wish to excel for.

It’s not quite surprising that you may find real leaders of the country driving autorikshaws or shaving heads. It isn’t quite funny when your friend advices you to take up an MBA when he himself has no intention of taking it up. It isn’t quite fair when your relatives ask you to struggle hard in your job, when they themselves are not in a job and wouldn’t want to be either.

Now you may have the qualifications required to be the chief mentor to your
First – don’t believe its personal experience that teaches us, we should be a fool to believe it. Its the experience and mistake of others that we need to learn from. This knowledge can be acquired from the books we read.
Second – We dont have all the years to do something from scratch, make all the mistakes ourselves and then learn from them. Don’t expect the next generation millionaires to be like the TATA's or Ambani's who took years, say like 150, to grow. The next generation millionaires are going to evolve in 4-5 years.
Third – Dont expect to be a millionaire doing a job.
Fourth – Until you become a strong leader, make sure you are correctly plugging your employees and partners to another mentor.

Now how do you distinguish a chief mentor from local advisors? Really simple. Out of every 100 people you see, there’ll be 95 advisors who are struggling, 4 mentors who are leading luxurious lives and 1 chief mentor who is super rich and famous.
You are an advisor by default, whereas if you aspire on becoming a mentor you need to get out and serve the society.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Do we actually become free as we go up in the corporate ladder ?

Isn't it quite amazing to see that in the corporate world and any business in general, you find more work. struggle, tension, stress and burn outs as you go higher up the ladder? This is something that we have observed, and dared not question . Why do you think we will have more tensions and burnouts when we climb the so called corporate ladder?

We generally expect to have more freedom, more time, more fun and more relaxation when we get promoted to a senior level, but we all find ourselves in a sorry state, with even greater tensions and responsibilities. Lets analyze the growth pattern of two kinds of people (1) Corporate employee (2) Businessman

Corporate employees are instructed by their higher management to work harder, stay longer at work, learn all the extra skills required, do all that takes to get you promoted to the level of a manager. When a promotion is offered, naturally everyone accept it because it brings in more money or maybe more importantly, it’s recognition. Nothing brings us more joy than to be promoted and have our subordinates report to us or be included in a senior level discussion.

The increment in salary may be nominal, but surely the position you are offered will cover up for it. So we take the promotion, not only to realize that we have to work additional hours every day but also have to take on more responsibilities being in the senior level. Can you think of your boss or manager who leaves home before you do ? Factually speaking that's not absence of leadership, but its a whole system gone wrong.

Is there a system that is totally opposite to the one in corporate world, the one in which we get more freedom and spare time as we go up in the ladder? Yet to find out.

Now lets analyze a traditional businessman, he too faces the same challenge of having more struggles and stress as his business grows. He might be having more time freedom when he was making sales of 5000 rupees a day, can we imagine what will be his emotional state when he stretches out to transact 5 million a day? So the scenario is moreover the same here too, the only difference being, the employees are actually in a better shape – only need to face a limited amount of stress and depression.

The new generation people think ”Guys, its anyway tough to climb the ladder, and most certainly your life is gonna get stressful as you go up !”.

I recently asked one friend, “you are working so hard, what are your future plans?” he said “Prepare for CAT and take an MBA” so I asked “after you take an MBA – may be you will have to do a tougher job than you do today?” he said “I know the new job will be tiresome, but Chap if you need to be successful you need to work hard in life”. I was shocked.

So we cannot be blamed, no one told us of a system that will help us get more freedom as we move up the ladder. A system where all the struggle is at the bottom, all the struggle is being a fresher, may be all the struggle we need to put is when we are having no liabilities ( like family, kids, EMI – house, car etc). The higher you go, the more free you become. May be when you become the director of this system you only have to visit foreign countries, take a star cruise or simply roam about in the new Mercedes. Is this system imaginary or does it really exists? Yet to find out.

May be we can expect some great entrepreneurs to research, built and establish such a system that will bring joy, wealth, happiness, wellness to millions of families. What do you really think of such a system, will it not be a great hit, if we could actually explain it to others? Let’s put our hands together in prayer to the almighty, that we get the wisdom to understand and execute this wonderful system and plan!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Today is the first day of the rest of your lives...

”Today is the first day of the rest of your lives”... This is the truest statement I have ever heard. When our past gives us experience and the future waits with hope, today is the most promising day we ever have. The person we are, the decisions we make, the things we buy, the places we visit and almost everything we do is because we have this wonderful day called today. And for this wonderful ‘present’, I express my gratitude to almighty everyday.
The golden rule in any self-sustaining business is “Learn – Do – Teach” and in the general corporate world it is “Learn – Teach”. This statement needs no further explanation. Almost all big business owners laid their foundation to LEARN the nuances of the business, taking time to DO it and later they become leaders and TEACH others to do the same. This is why the business is highly but delayed gratification. Now no one expects the corporate to follow the “L-D-T”, they get their businesses done by a mere “L-T”, seriously I do not know why it’s this way, but let’s accept it for true.
If you can observe, the person who is motivating you in your job will be a person who has not done your kind of work himself. They call in external trainers to help you out. Whereas in business atmosphere, it seldom clicks – all business owners demand to counsel with a person who knows what their business is.
We all have very, very short lives – even if you live 120 years, you are not going to learn all the systems and processes in the world. If you have learned something; dont wait to start doing it, and once you are an expert; dont wait to teach others. But never insist on teaching something that you haven’t yet learned. You wont have a reputation there.
The personal development industry has grown so big and it remains a promise for the generations to come, but the challenge we may not see is that – there are lots of people out there who have not done what they say and say what they have done. Its your responsibility to choose the right mentor, then only will real personal growth happen.
You Learn by Doing, Do by Learning, Do by Teaching and Teach by Doing but never teach by learning and learn by teaching. Pretty confusing right ? Now I have heard people say to me, “Boy you don’t do what you say and how come you continue to blog”. Now that is something that you have to decide, you might have read my earlier blogs as well – If I am improving, its because I have done what I said and if the standard has gone down its the other way round.
The entire personal development industry works on the principle of thought provocation. No one in this universe but you can change your action and results. If my articles have in some way motivated you or at some point of time helped you, I shall consider myself the most satisfied person on earth. Now someone asked me that when all your articles basically emphasize the same point, then why do you have to write a lot and confuse us? That’s because different people think differently, hence it’s tough to say what may motivate someone?
There is no better day than today to change your fortune and success. A small change everyday for a person can bring about a revolution to the entire mankind, and I believe in something called as the evolution – you become a better person than your predecessor. You are the best person walking on this planet that can guide many people to their destiny. Any change is grudging, but most certainly it is highly rewarding.
There are millions of people who wish to be mediocre, nothing can be done there. But there are thousands who wish to grow and out grow – the only thing they lack is the right vehicle for growth. You practice the “L-D-T” principle, and you cannot be outrun. Go give your best shot buddy!