Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Do we actually become free as we go up in the corporate ladder ?

Isn't it quite amazing to see that in the corporate world and any business in general, you find more work. struggle, tension, stress and burn outs as you go higher up the ladder? This is something that we have observed, and dared not question . Why do you think we will have more tensions and burnouts when we climb the so called corporate ladder?

We generally expect to have more freedom, more time, more fun and more relaxation when we get promoted to a senior level, but we all find ourselves in a sorry state, with even greater tensions and responsibilities. Lets analyze the growth pattern of two kinds of people (1) Corporate employee (2) Businessman

Corporate employees are instructed by their higher management to work harder, stay longer at work, learn all the extra skills required, do all that takes to get you promoted to the level of a manager. When a promotion is offered, naturally everyone accept it because it brings in more money or maybe more importantly, it’s recognition. Nothing brings us more joy than to be promoted and have our subordinates report to us or be included in a senior level discussion.

The increment in salary may be nominal, but surely the position you are offered will cover up for it. So we take the promotion, not only to realize that we have to work additional hours every day but also have to take on more responsibilities being in the senior level. Can you think of your boss or manager who leaves home before you do ? Factually speaking that's not absence of leadership, but its a whole system gone wrong.

Is there a system that is totally opposite to the one in corporate world, the one in which we get more freedom and spare time as we go up in the ladder? Yet to find out.

Now lets analyze a traditional businessman, he too faces the same challenge of having more struggles and stress as his business grows. He might be having more time freedom when he was making sales of 5000 rupees a day, can we imagine what will be his emotional state when he stretches out to transact 5 million a day? So the scenario is moreover the same here too, the only difference being, the employees are actually in a better shape – only need to face a limited amount of stress and depression.

The new generation people think ”Guys, its anyway tough to climb the ladder, and most certainly your life is gonna get stressful as you go up !”.

I recently asked one friend, “you are working so hard, what are your future plans?” he said “Prepare for CAT and take an MBA” so I asked “after you take an MBA – may be you will have to do a tougher job than you do today?” he said “I know the new job will be tiresome, but Chap if you need to be successful you need to work hard in life”. I was shocked.

So we cannot be blamed, no one told us of a system that will help us get more freedom as we move up the ladder. A system where all the struggle is at the bottom, all the struggle is being a fresher, may be all the struggle we need to put is when we are having no liabilities ( like family, kids, EMI – house, car etc). The higher you go, the more free you become. May be when you become the director of this system you only have to visit foreign countries, take a star cruise or simply roam about in the new Mercedes. Is this system imaginary or does it really exists? Yet to find out.

May be we can expect some great entrepreneurs to research, built and establish such a system that will bring joy, wealth, happiness, wellness to millions of families. What do you really think of such a system, will it not be a great hit, if we could actually explain it to others? Let’s put our hands together in prayer to the almighty, that we get the wisdom to understand and execute this wonderful system and plan!


  1. Actually this is not the case always. I have seen managers coming later than others and leaving earlier. But the point is they have to be reachable. But that doesn't mean that they have to be available always. Its just that they are more inclined to management activities and have to adhere to them. Thats it

  2. Dear Balachandran,

    Honestly,what is the post trying to convey? That is free or that it is not? I have read it thrice and have not fully grasped the purport of your post. Please clarify.

    Venkata Vinay

  3. Hi Vinay,

    I agree that the post is slightly confusing..

    here is the summary :>

    In corporate world, we find that our responsibilities and time commitment to the organization increases. We see as we go up the ladder - we have less freedom