Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The dreams that come true are the ones you uphold daily…

Dreams are those fantasies of ours that are never meant to come true. Yet we hear people talk about "following one’s dreams, so as to achieve success and happiness in life." What we need to realize is that dreams can never be concluding, the moment we have achieved one - a better dream pops out of us. When we have progressed one level, we see that our dreams have progressed two levels.

Dreams, Just like happiness, success are worthwhile when progressively realized .Every one of us have dreams, be it the one we see subconsciously when we sleep or the one we envisage during the daytime. No man has ever succeeded in intentionally stopping himself from dreaming. Experts are of the opinion that, the dreams we see at night are, in fact, the manifestations of our activities during the day.

On the other hand, day-dreams are the manifestations of what we would like to do. They show us the picture of a prospective future, as we want it to be. And these are the ones that will, in reality, manifest itself. Luckily, we have a choice to decide what to dream about and hence what to bring about. I am not quite sure how many of you believe the above statement.

Most achievements were a blueprint initially; and even before it was a blueprint – it was in the hearts of some people. Now when we stand in front of such huge monuments or wonders and think about the person behind it, we must also understand the dream that he had, the courage that he had to follow his heart…

We feel that some people are ‘lucky’ – they get their breaks, get ahead and become world famous and rich. Most others – the ones, whom we entitle ‘unlucky’, starve, live in poverty, and die miserably. Now what could the difference be? Is it because their surroundings and circumstances did not favor their growth, or is it because they did not know how to become a super achiever? You are not the product of your circumstances; you are the product of the choices you make – today, this minute, this second.

There are some laws that are applicable to all human beings, whether he is man, woman, black, white, poor or rich. These laws are called as the universal laws, and it is applicable in all walks of life. There are some resources that all of us have in the same quantity – 24 hours, degree of hope, ability to dream, ability to communicate, throb to socialize. Now, we can have the answer to all the questions if we know how to exploit our priceless possessions to the max.

The higher your dreams, the higher placed you will be in life. Successful people – focus on things that they want in life and unsuccessful people – focus on things that they don’t want. What is it that you really want? The dreams that we see today are going to come true, for sure, tomorrow; we have two choices: either to discard them or to have the courage to follow them.

Just like any powerful entity, dreams can be positive or negative – lets all learn to follow the good dreams, because they are the ones that will earn us goodwill. Make sure you have the same dream every day, let there be focus of energy. Let the dream be so powerful enough to move your subconscious mind. Let the dream be so big to shape your surroundings and circumstances. Let the dream be so good, that it will bring prosperity to millions, not just you alone.

If our ex-president stated “India is becoming a super power by 2020” it has a lot to do with the dreams we carry every day. God knows, maybe it may be one of us topping the Forbes billionaire chart that day. Life’s success never goes to the faster, stronger or the better man – it always goes to the one who thinks he can!

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