Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Today is the first day of the rest of your lives...

”Today is the first day of the rest of your lives”... This is the truest statement I have ever heard. When our past gives us experience and the future waits with hope, today is the most promising day we ever have. The person we are, the decisions we make, the things we buy, the places we visit and almost everything we do is because we have this wonderful day called today. And for this wonderful ‘present’, I express my gratitude to almighty everyday.
The golden rule in any self-sustaining business is “Learn – Do – Teach” and in the general corporate world it is “Learn – Teach”. This statement needs no further explanation. Almost all big business owners laid their foundation to LEARN the nuances of the business, taking time to DO it and later they become leaders and TEACH others to do the same. This is why the business is highly but delayed gratification. Now no one expects the corporate to follow the “L-D-T”, they get their businesses done by a mere “L-T”, seriously I do not know why it’s this way, but let’s accept it for true.
If you can observe, the person who is motivating you in your job will be a person who has not done your kind of work himself. They call in external trainers to help you out. Whereas in business atmosphere, it seldom clicks – all business owners demand to counsel with a person who knows what their business is.
We all have very, very short lives – even if you live 120 years, you are not going to learn all the systems and processes in the world. If you have learned something; dont wait to start doing it, and once you are an expert; dont wait to teach others. But never insist on teaching something that you haven’t yet learned. You wont have a reputation there.
The personal development industry has grown so big and it remains a promise for the generations to come, but the challenge we may not see is that – there are lots of people out there who have not done what they say and say what they have done. Its your responsibility to choose the right mentor, then only will real personal growth happen.
You Learn by Doing, Do by Learning, Do by Teaching and Teach by Doing but never teach by learning and learn by teaching. Pretty confusing right ? Now I have heard people say to me, “Boy you don’t do what you say and how come you continue to blog”. Now that is something that you have to decide, you might have read my earlier blogs as well – If I am improving, its because I have done what I said and if the standard has gone down its the other way round.
The entire personal development industry works on the principle of thought provocation. No one in this universe but you can change your action and results. If my articles have in some way motivated you or at some point of time helped you, I shall consider myself the most satisfied person on earth. Now someone asked me that when all your articles basically emphasize the same point, then why do you have to write a lot and confuse us? That’s because different people think differently, hence it’s tough to say what may motivate someone?
There is no better day than today to change your fortune and success. A small change everyday for a person can bring about a revolution to the entire mankind, and I believe in something called as the evolution – you become a better person than your predecessor. You are the best person walking on this planet that can guide many people to their destiny. Any change is grudging, but most certainly it is highly rewarding.
There are millions of people who wish to be mediocre, nothing can be done there. But there are thousands who wish to grow and out grow – the only thing they lack is the right vehicle for growth. You practice the “L-D-T” principle, and you cannot be outrun. Go give your best shot buddy!


  1. Balu i can say somethin without any hint o a doubt.. u have improved a lot as a writer n much more... n u have motivated me many a times.. i don really know if motivation is the right word,, But ur words r certainly thought provoking...

  2. Thanks man ! I think that was too much flattery..

  3. i jus said ur words r thot provokin.. i didn say if its in a good or bad manner.. if u kno wat i mean..

    There was a time wen one of my friends said d same 2 me.. He said ' ur words r thought provoking'.. I was a happy n satisfied man.. Then he slapped...

    he he.. i am jus kiddin..Nw is this flattery ?