Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Are you Lost in Thought (LIT) ?

Humans are the only species known to change their surroundings by changing their thoughts. This fact has been substantiated over the years, by exhaustive studies conducted by various scientists, all over the world. This ability of ours is not just because we are the most intelligent of all species on earth, but because we also have the ability to focus our energy on a dominant thought and make that come true.

If you observe the many species on earth, you’ll find that they are all highly equipped to adapt to the situations around them. The polar bears have heavy fur to help them survive the cold, the chameleon has the ability to change colors to get away from a predator, tigers and cats can run fast to catch their prey, the antelopes and deer are provided with horns to fight their predators, the sharks are given powerful teeth to get their meal and many more. We find that almost all of god’s creations, other than man, have been created in such a way that helps them survive hardships.

Now, what has god given man? Or has he given man something to help adapt to situations? Yes; The Almighty gave us the ability to change our circumstances, rather than just adapt to them. We are the only known species that can change our circumstances, while all other species have to adjust with it to survive. The question now is - how do we do this?

We change our circumstances by changing the way we think. If you hold on to the same thought consistently for a period of time, you could convert it into reality. Let’s look for some examples from history to reinforce this – we wanted to travel places, cover long distances; but we could not run fast – so we invented motor vehicles. We couldn’t fly like the birds out in the sky – so we invented aircrafts. We couldn’t swim like fishes in the unknown depths of the ocean– so we invented scuba diving equipments. Now take any example, be it a small or a massive change – we have brought about these changes by the thoughts we held in our mind.

Are you a person “Lost In Thought (LIT)”. If you are, you are going to bring about a desirable change to yourself as well as others. What you think about, you bring about. LIT just not to dream, but to dream the same dream over and over again. Thoughts are the only weapon we are born with, to compete - among ourselves as well as with nature.

As George Bernard Shaw once said, The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want and if they can't find them, make them.

Guided by a clear thought, we can believe that all other things will follow. Be a person LIT, then a clear vision, sense of direction, plan of action, character building, patience and perseverance to achieve that thought, will follow. If you are a person LIT, all the turns you take in life will be the right turn. Nothing major was ever achieved without primarily believing it would happen!

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