Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Theory of Technological evolution – REVISITED.

The advance of technology by the human race was more or less visited in the last week’s discussion. Lets remain focused with this phenomenon that is creating tremors around for many a business owners as well as corporate people. Now lets closely analyze the latent power this episode has got.

We had discussed earlier that the current generation has got all the probabilities to rein supreme than the preceding one. Its also true that the current generation should, in all ways try to accomplish far more than the preceding ones did. It means we need to really fire on all cylinders and work harder than them.

Most of us are working on the principle “scarcity creates demand”. If we look back into history and see the evolution of the super power called Japan, we see that they were thoroughly struck with scarcity, they didn’t have food to eat, money to live, clothes to wear or anything to survive after the 2nd world war. They actually had a choice to perish or to struggle harder. They did struggle, and right now they are the highest per capita income country.

Demand is what made Japan a super power, Demand determines the extent of prosperity and the ability to evolve.

There is another law which is guiding evolution, it says “Anything we do today, anything is actually evolution”. This means all the steps we do today are actually becoming the stepping stones for the generations to come. The paradox is even if we are not doing anything, we are actually creating future in it. This might seem illogical – but the truth is even if we are not doing anything, we are actually creating better future for the next generation.

These laws are actually hard to bite on, but if we give it a close look – we may understand it better. Let me try to throw some examples to catch on –

We know Edison as the person, who invented tungsten bulb, but actually the bulb had been invented earlier but the challenge was they could not help it burn longer. The laws of evolution actually hold because the prior researches actually helped Edison in perfecting the bulb.

We know Galileo as the person who invented telescope, and the person who promulgated the sun at center theory. As a matter of fact, telescope was invented earlier – the only reason was it wasn’t perfect. The sun at center theory was actually done 80 years prior by Copernicus. Those papers actually helped Galileo in completing the theory.

Jesus Christ died 2000 years ago, but if we analyze the reach Christianity has on this world – we can see evolution. The followers of Christ actually spread his message far better than him. All this happened without telephone, internet, social networking etc. That’s evolution.

So no matter of what we do or not do, we are actually stepping on the gas to help our future generations to succeed. Evolution is so wonderful yet fearsome topic to discuss on.

Let me explain to why it can be fearsome also. Today we see the rate at which technology changes - its almost uncontrollable, if we look back 15 years – we might have not even heard of a mobile phone. Its almost sure we did not have an email id 15 years back. But now things are changing so fast that we cant keep track. We are confused whether to sign into orkut or facebook, whether to use CDMA or GSM. We find ourselves to be a store house of more than 5000 marketing messages daily.

Can someone think what its going to be 10 years from now. Say, even with technology we may find it hard to keep track of our friend. But that’s evolution – and it has to happen.
The people who make it in life will be the ones that are actually speeding up the evolution process; they are the people who fall in the evolution-cycle. They create and recreate wonders.

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