Thursday, August 13, 2009

Every SIngle effort brings in multiple rewards...

In all our prior discussions, we have consistently been trying to correlate the human mind and it’s behavior to the objects/particles, guided by the Laws of Science, and it’s various phenomena. Our effort to apply Newton’s & Darwin’s laws to the human mind has gained some momentum. We now have made enough observations, to believe that most Laws of Science, be it physics; chemistry or biology, were framed by studying the human mind and its behavioral patterns.
The human mind in itself is the biggest discovery on the planet. A glance through history, will tell us that never has been so much effort put in to learn about the human mind until the last 50 years.  
Humans started discovering all outer things, even before knowing the true inner things. Unbelievable but true. Someone once said, that we are not even using 90% of our brain capacity in our whole lifetime.  
Just imagine, if we could create wonders with the 10% usage, what could be the result with 50% or 65% or 80% usage of our central powerhouse.  
The real outer world is a reflection of our inner world, what we see outside is merely what we want to see when we look into ourselves. Literally all discoveries can be attributed to this fact. If people invented stuffs we use daily, it was because they looked into themselves and found it in their mind and later brought it out to the real world.  
Slowly but gradually scientists, met physicists, empathyists, and psychologists, who then went on to learn about human behaviors and their guiding patterns.  
Just for an example, the third law of Newtonian motion states “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. Let’s see what its humane epitome is – “Every single effort we take has multiple results of magnitude way greater than the effort”  
Actually the Newtonian law is a subset of the mental law, it surely does look similar – but it’s not same. The laws of the mind actually is universal, all other laws are a subset of these. Lets analyze, “Every effort we take brings with it a fruit we see, it also brings in stuffs we thought was never there”.  
If we sow a seed of mango, expecting it to become a mango tree to give more mangoes – that’s the first result. Now there are things that came along that we never expected, say the tree gave us shade, the twigs lighted the stove, the branches made us furniture etc.. Same is the case with human effort.  
We almost get disappointed when we are not getting the result we should have when we have put in the desired amount of effort. This law will guide you. All the pain you take today will surely bring in more fruits than you expect.  
Think like, there is some magic, when you put 1 time effort you get 10 results of 10 times magnitude after 10 times of passage of time. Now will that stop you or help you put the required effort for your personal well being.  
Sometimes 10 rupees tomorrow may be highly valuable than 5 rupees today. That’s why people are ready to starve today to get their favorite meal tomorrow.  
That’s why the saying goes “When you contribute to prosperity, you prosper in turn”. That’s why people who keep service in their minds and put in effort today– become wealthy, healthy, maintain good relations, and grow personally and as a leader with time….

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