Thursday, August 27, 2009

The people that matter are the ones most ridiculed at..

You might have seen the board "Driving School" on cars. What is a driving school? Its a place where we go to learn driving. They might have helped us get a drivers license - but the real learning must have come when we took the automobile out on road alone, heard all the shouting and honking of other vehicles and we really sweated it out.

When we hear such rejections and shouting, we make a choice - either to stop driving or to learn the trade. This is why many licensed people out there sit at home.

We are fortunate to have an academic qualification. The moment we think of our degree, we say "Thanks to the lovely friend of mine, to help me by showing the answers..." We might have taken the degree, but are we really educated?

This habit of getting things done through shortcut slowly spreads into the business world, for people who step into the shoes of an Entrepreneur - expects results to come overnight. The first question they ask is there a shortcut to become rich?

Just like many licensed people sit at home, many entrepreneurs also give up and sit at home. But the people that matter are the ones who were out there to hear all the NO's, refusals, rejections and all that takes to become successful.

The most horrifying part for any human being is to hear refusals, that’s because refusals are something that creates inferiority complexes. People who wish to make a difference should come out of that nutshell and exploit themselves to get the things done.

Things are changing today at the speed of light; people are running around crazy to make more and more money to buy lifestyle. But the fact is 95% of all these people are looking for a shortcut to make money. They keep their eyes are ears open to take up anything that creates them money without putting in effort.

Just like the licensed people sitting at home, one of these days this 95% population is going to sit at home. The people, who run the show, are the ones who are thoroughly prepared.

Now what is that will make you run the show: -

1. Know where to put the effort. There is no point in working hard at JOB – there is a limit to which your income will rise (ask your director/manager their salary package).
2. Keep your eyes and ears open - opportunity is knocking you everyday.
3. Learn your strengths and weaknesses – you need to better yourselves before you better your work.
4. By far – the highest income-earning people in world today are business class people, try to have a mentor from this quad.
5. Once you are focussed – be all out and do all that takes to become successful. There is nothing called as second best – you need to become the top performer.

The people who sit at home after failing from businesses, what you suppose they do “they start a new business venture and fail in that too”, they keep doing this again and again till they learn the trick – ALL OUT AND HARD WORK –COME WHAT MAY!

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