Thursday, August 20, 2009

You can only give what you have….

If I give you 3 apples, its only because I had 3 or more apples with me. Now I will not be able to give you 3 apples if I have none. The same is true with all things in this world – you can only give something to someone – if you have plenty of it.

Now its interesting to spend some time with a good friend, we cannot forget how they make us feel happy. The happiness you receive was a part of the happiness that was actually given to you by your friend. If your friend was not happy – you neither would have been one and never would you have spent time with him.

Nothing can be created, everything can be changed to one form or other – cannot we apply this law here, sure we can. The law of heat transfer also states – heat flows from a hotter body to a colder one. Just like happiness flows from a person who is happier to the one who is less happy.

Lets think about the realism this concept has – if someone gives you an advice or mentors you, it might be because he has went through the pros and cons and is helping you out. And usually we mistake him to be giving us a one sided opinion.

What if your boss is frustrating you? Is it because you are incapable or is it because the boss got frustrated? May be because your incapability/inefficiency fueled a chemical reaction in your boss’s mind to become frustrated. Now the change of state is for the boss – as long as you don’t become receptive to it - you cannot be frustrated.

Now we just discovered an interesting filter to sort out almost all negative emotions and feelings that we face day-day. We can actually put a halt to other people’s anger, frustration, fury, and jealousy by just not being receptive. As long as we are not receptive they cannot give it to us. Listen to all harsh words showered on you like a kid looking at a flower.

Similarly, you can only give what you have, you cannot give love if your mind is full of jealousy, you cannot give motivation if you are not self driven and obviously you cannot give advices without being “feel, felt, found”.

The best thing that you can give today is Information – its not time, money or any other aspects. The more you share information, the more you will grow, because your learning is going to come that way. When the number of transactions of information increases – that decides the state of money. This is why a rumor about a bank can crash it to rags, and good information can pump up millions for a company.

The more informed you are, the more the money will flow through you – the more you become rich. Get plugged to the information revolution and build out a fortune for you!

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