Thursday, September 10, 2009

And people say I am greedy…

We need to invent a new word that stands between desire and greed. Desire is the longing to get what you want, greed is the longing to get things beyond your reach.

If you keep a daytime job, have a small car, rent a house and survive – all people around you adore you, they wish to spend time with you. Because they know you are middle class, they know you have the same set of problems they have. So they have a company to keep complaining of their problems.

The moment you own a toyota or chevy, shows it off to one of your old poor friend, take them for a ride and tell them “I dream to own a BMW or merc” – they say you are greedy.

People have all the excuses for not doing something, if all are struggling and no one is succeeding, all are happy – remember the story of the crabs in a jar with the lid open.  The moment someone escapes the rat race and becomes financially independent – people start backstabbing him, they say 1000 stories why is doesn’t deserve to be a millionaire.

It’s a shame when people don’t have the courage to chase their dreams. They are afraid to think of it, leave alone taking the first step. The most precious thing that can wash away most problems is money. This is the pointblank reality.

Somehow or the other we have accepted that making money is greedy. The people who usually say making money is greedy are the poor ones, you ask any rich guy, he doesn’t feel so about the people richer than him. Since ordinary folks don’t have money, and don’t have an explanation to their children why they cannot afford this or that – they say making money is bad.

This twist of thought that exists in the rich and poor people is what makes them richer or poorer. The poor people teach their young ones not to work for money, but work for “someone”. The rich ones teach, “Get this work done with the least money possible, and hire a poor person”. This is why people in JOB never become millionaires.

I say, you need to be greedy – if you are earning 1000 rupees today, try to make it 1100 tomorrow. If you settle for no hikes, your life is going to be that of compromising. I say try to make the money in legal and ethical manner – not to pickpocket. Making money will never spoil you, but the manner in which you spent will.

What happens if all the people in the country are not as greedy? There would be no job, no new product or service and there would be poverty and famine.

Want proof? My employer who is a billionaire owns a $5.4 bn enterprise, he multiplied that to $6 bn this fiscal – by employing 25000 new people, by providing service to 250+ clients and catering to 500+ indirect stakeholders. My Mr. Employer is already a super rich person, he need not mind 600 million dollars additional business, after all his share would not have incremented by a huge percent. But he did that so that the company grows, people grows and the whole nation flourishes.

They only reason why common people is getting jobs, keeping their family out there alive is because someone is greedy. If you are not greedy – better keep the job, but don’t come with excuses tomorrow.

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