Thursday, October 15, 2009

and the research goes on...

What is success? How can we Measure it? Can we say we become happy if we are successful? Is success a milestone, or is it a roadmap?
    There are many questions like these that still remain unanswered. My quest for success and the reasons why people become successful still remains unanswered.
    There should be some fine line that separates the successful from the non-successful, but what can it be? If 100 people try hard the same way, believe things the same way and even do things the same way, only 5 will be successful. How can god behave so miserly here?
   Researches say being successful is more of mind play than physical doing. Now what can that mindset be?
    If everyone knew how to be successful, there would be drought and famine here – somehow that’s not logical, god doesn’t want it that way. Out of every 100 people only 5 needs to be successful, 50 people should work for this 5 people and 45 people should be broke – that is how god wants to be.
    If there were no poor people, rich people would have no value. But the thing that separates the poor from the rich is not money, but its mindset. Somehow common-men believe its money that separates poor from rich. They say, “having money is success”, but the reality is “money is the by-product of being successful”.
    Now its this mindset that makes rich richer and poor poorer. You can never be rich without a rich mindset. And however money you have, you will loose it if you have poor mindset. This is why success is slow and gradual. Imagine if success came overnight, we could never held on to it.
   This is why people are paid so heavily with debt and hard work and liabilities before One-Million. This is for them to value their efforts. What happens if you get a lottery for 1Mn, sure you will loose it in another 3 months. This is why there is no reported incidents of lottery winners topping millionaire charts.
   Be happy with what you have now; if you are paid 10,000 or 30,000 that is well deserving for you. Now if you are broke at the end of every month, we now know why. When you expand your mindset for more money you get more. This is no joke.
   The reason why people with huge liabilities say 10L or 1Cr are shown more opportunities is because they keep chanting of 10L or 1Cr all the time. They physically know how much is 10L to them, whether they utilize the opportunity or not is a different story. But for us, we all know 10L as 1 followed by 6 zeros.
   Our research for success continues, none of us are quite sure why some people get ahead or some people become rich. Why someone whom we know is half as educated as us making millions and we are struggling. Why someone we don’t admire is rich and famous and some one we want to be like that is still broke.
   It’s a question that has been troubling me for 3 years. If I could get the answer to it, I am more than willing to share it with you, so that you surge ahead in your area of work.