Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dont take things for granted and dont work like a dog to secure your descendant’s future...

I may have to brush through my learning through the theory of technological evolution to make a bold and weird statement here. Remember me saying, everything and anything you do today is evolution? Which even means, even if you sit simply – you are evolving yourselves and your bundle of future generations.
      These are findings that cant digest all brains, bold because we never had the courage to think that way and weird because they are the realities we are going to live with...
      Life can be thought of like a giant wheel, the one with fortune in a basket and trouble in all other. We all pray to that day to sit on the fortune basket; some people do but 99% of others left with no other choice.
You needn’t take things for granted, if you are poor today, that doesn’t mean you can be rich tomorrow. If you are healthy today, that doesn’t mean you cant die of illness.
      The wheel of life keeps spinning around and someday you need to jump out from the current basket – why does that happen, let me explain.

Scenario 1: You are a person with adequate health, you live in highly polluting and contaminated surroundings and you hope to improve your health by consuming some health tablets and pills – what happens (1) your health definitely improves, you become a step ahead of your peers and (2) your body evolves into the new profile – the one which needn’t adapt to the polluting surroundings.
     What we see here is that, when you push things to happen – the ones which had to happen automatically does not happen. When we consume things that make us healthy, we stop the process of the body to generate and tolerate the polluting atmosphere. The result being a weaker race. Our heir becomes less competent to our peers to adapt to the then atmosphere.

Scenario 2: Saving tigers. Recently saw an advt that says there are only 1411 tigers in India and we need to act soon. If tigers are facing extinction, then god has designed it to be that way – we all know that the entire weight of earth remains the same, when more humans are being born, naturally more species have to be wiped out. If we try to do something to stop the nature’s will, then we are inviting more trouble.
    Lets think of this as, if tigers have to be saved, then we need more forests which means more land. If man were to plant all the trees to make the forest, leave alone the success – it leaves a greater carbon footprint. Finally doing more harm than benefit.

Scenario 3: Conserving fuel – We all read campaigns to save fuel, save energy. Use cycle instead of cars and reduce petrol consumption. This is absolute rubbish. Its better to invent newer sources of energy fearing the wipeout of fuel than conserving it. If man had no fear to the decreasing supply of petrol, he would not have invested his energy to research on newer and greener fuels. A day will come when we will use water to run automobiles, when we have no more drop of petrol left.
    What we see around is man becoming proactive to make or design his future generation. The only thing that man may fail to invent is his son. The reason being, if we keep saving things for tomorrow, we miss out on the opportunity of our heir to invent something better.
If we keep taking precautionary methods to keep us from falling ill, we seldom give our immunity system to rebuild itself – resulting in a fragile inheritor. Those days are not far, when the son of the beggar will stay healthier than yours, because he is the one who is in the rain and sun and the body copes up to rebuild his gene.
    This is reason why the theory of technological evolution is so important. If you sit simply, you group and regroup your body and mind which then is taken over by your son.
   Its so very exciting to build a smarter and better race, only then it will become a positive evolution. Otherwise I fear, we will be the ones that are going to face extinction soon..

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