Friday, March 05, 2010

Most things in life falls in a cycle.. either you keep gaining or you keep losing..

Not just wealth, but almost all things in life falls in a cycle. God has made things in a special way so that if we try to create an imbalance on any attribute, it reflects in some other attribute. Considering this aspect, we can form a perspective which is good or bad.
           Now how can we define a cycle :- it is something that is connected by a chain, but something that keeps spiraling. Life's cycle is not a closed entity - its a spiral i.e. if you start gaining then you have a better chance to keep gaining. Similarly the vice verse.
           Lets take the case of hunger and weight gain. What we naturally see is that people who are obese keep gaining in weight and people who are lean keep loosing weight. How can this theory be explained? Any idea? Simple when you are hungry -> you eat food -> stomach digests the food -> Energy is released to the body.
When hungry and you overeat, then the stomach buys in resources to digest the extra food resulting in a bigger stomach and extended intestine. Now what happens is that when the stomach gets bigger it tempts the person to consume more food, and as he consumes the stomach keeps expanding. This is why people who are in the cycle of gaining weight keep gaining. Similarly you can think of what must be going around with lean people.
    Not just food and stomach, almost all things in life goes to the person who has already achieved them. Be it money, recognition, fame, promotion in job and even the negatives like accident, loss, theft, bad times etc.
When you know the working of this cycle and the mantra to change the spiral you can succeed no matter what odds are against you.
Darkness cannot be broken by removing darkness, Sadness cannot be relieved by being less sad and Poverty cannot be alleviated being less broke. To break the cycle you need to apply yourselves with energy that can help you change states.
     Rich gets richer and poor gets poorer. If the poor person has to become less poor - then he definitely need to get rich. Its well said but tough done. From there on, its a spiral - it may be half the effort than to change states.
 Ever felt like you are not a super achiever, then this is the right time to act. This is the time of your life to make things happen - get into the upward spiral and cruise along. Then all the positives will keep flowing to you in the form of money, recognition or the coveted promotion.
Now you have all the reason not the feel bad when you are depressed, because you know what to do! and how to go about doing it!
Always remember - The thing that breaks darkness is Light. Let the light shine in your life.