Sunday, May 23, 2010

The fire in us is dying...

Ever felt the fire in us is not staying as long as it is expected? Ever felt we quit digging 3 feet from gold? Ever felt the grass is green on the other side of valley?

My life is full with these questions. My mind is like a pendulum that swings from one desire to another, and by making sure, I just don’t stand to achieve them. This is just the feeling that can happen to any one of you? We are all creatures that live in the past and live on memories.. We just feel our past was better than present, and we worry our future will not be as bright as our past.

You seen the new add of Maruti Ritz car? just the same is true with our lives, we got choices - but we end up selecting a compromise. The patterns of thoughts that go through us are also the same, just as i was thinking - to stay in job or to build the business? to buy some land or get a new car ? To travel abroad or stay with family? go out selling or watch TV ?

The truth is, even if we know what’s best for us, we refrain from doing it, because of the fear we have. I can tell you, I have been the laziest boy for the last 4 months or so, going to office and coming back home, doing nothing that my mind speaks off, I had the time for all the things in the world, I just did not want to blog as well. For a moment I thought whether the fire in me is dying???

I am quite sure, people who have made places are the ones who have controlled this emotion very well and knew how to dust the butt and move on.. I now realize how foolish was I to waste my time doing useless things and bore my brains...

Its when your goals are bringing fruit to you alone that you tend to become lazy. The smarter way to get rid of this is to ensure the end product of your goals is service to other people - so you can’t stop working. I am of the impression that you don’t remain stagnant anywhere, either you advance or you recede. So if you are doing nothing for the position you are holding now, it means you are gradually wiping yourselves out.

The only way to keep the fire in you flaming is to add more oil into it. We need to reach out to the next opportunity that comes our way. Take up all the tasks we got, work as hard as ever, because we never know - a small little work can give us a huge opening that can change the way people see things.

Sometimes I feel, the greatest oil that I had to move forward was the ridicule and put down I used to get from my friends. Guess what, it was too in a magic circle, that when I stopped doing things, my friends stopped teasing me and it led to kill my fire. Now that I need to ignite my fire, because I am pretty sure, my fire is going to warm many a lives....