Friday, June 28, 2013

Stress that takes us to the next level...


Pressure or tension exerted on a material object: "the distribution of stress is uniform across the bar".

The dictionary defines stress as the pressure inserted on an object. Here the "human being" is the object under consideration, so we can re-define stress as the "tension exerted on the human mind"

Is stress bad? No, absolutely not. Stress is what compelled human being to set goals, chase dreams and achieve success. Stress is what helped the evolution of the present day man, had there been no stress, there would be no invention.

How is stress caused? Its the mindset that we would fail on something, its the mindset that we wont achieve a target on a particular mind, its the mindset that we would run out of business in 90 days.

If we let the footballers play the entire day they would score less number of goals they would have if we restricted them for 90 minutes. Reason? Its because every player is stressed to score within 90 minutes or else they perish.

So, it all starts with a dream. Dream is a statement that we will achieve something. When we fix boundary dates for the dream, it becomes a goal. Now stress is something that pushes us to work to achieve the goal. The more the stress, the better we get finding easier methods to achieve the goal. The more the stress, better we become at innovation.

If you are a highly stressed person, its a good sign. Its an indication that you are pressed hard to find a solution in a short time. There are only 2 outcomes to this situation. Option A - you perish and Option B - you come out successful. We dont want you to perish, we want you to solve the problem, to come out as a better person.

Now this requires more study, we need to sit with ourselves to find what desire burns us, what puts us into trouble. The toughest part is to analyse the root cause of the problem, once you have done that - solution becomes much easier.

If i tell stress pushes up the rung of the ladder, its not wrong. If you have solved a problem, you gain more confidence, your appetite grows for a bigger problem and you grow. So what pushes you is what worries you, solve it and get ahead.